Software engineering help needed! (Effective Animal Advocacy web product)

I’m a Product Designer looking for an altruistic Software Engineer to bring a high impact web product design to life

The project

Cage Free Hub, an initiative by Global Food Partners, is a web product that functions as a marketplace connecting cage-free egg sellers and cage-free egg buyers from Asia.

Figma mockups, a prototype, and a design system are complete–we just need software engineering talent to bring this to life.

Background (i.e., the impact)

After much pressure from animal rights and EA groups, many global food and hospitality corporations have made commitments to transition to 100% cage-free egg sourcing by 2024. Asia, however, is not showing signs of meeting these commitments, due to a communication gap in the market between Asian farmers selling cage-free eggs, and these large corporations. This project intends to fill this communication gap, and ensure that commitments made are commitments met. This will both raise the standard of living for billions of hens, and position the Animal Rights movement to powerfully take the next move towards raising welfare standards. In other words, your help here is absolutely pivotal to improving the lives of billions of animals, and empowering this movement at large to take the next move.


As it is likely that we cannot currently compensate a talented developer at full market rate, we are looking for a kind-hearted and altruistic individual that–for this first round of the product–is willing to compromise on pay. This could look like: First 20 hours are pro-bono, and remainder of time is full-pay, a discounted hourly rate, or any other ideas you have, to make this compromise work!

Please note that

  • Additional rounds, with more budgeting, is very, very likely!

  • I am a UX designer with 10 years of industry experience, and I myself take a large pay cut to do this work!

  • We (and the animals, and this movement) are at your mercy ❤️, please help us make this a reality. Thank you.

Email me:, and let’s talk!

Know anyone who might be a great fit? Just have advice in general? Please comment or send me an email! Your help is absolutely invaluable.