[Question] Investing to Give Beginner Advice?

I’ve been convinced by some of the arguments that I should be investing some of the money I’m currently donating for the purpose of donating more later. The main problem with this is that I know very little about investing, and something about (1) the not-very-epistemically-careful investing culture and (2) the oodles and oodles of “investment advice” on the internet makes this quite daunting. Given that the EA community tends to be unusually epistemically careful and some people in it will likely have already sorted through that advice, I figured it could be worthwhile to ask around a bit. Also, hopefully, some of the answers below will also be helpful for other EAs down the line.

There are two categories of advice I’m looking for:

1) General investment advice --> this can be specific tips or links to longer resources that people find valuable, like books, websites, etc. I’m willing to invest a bit of time into research if it’ll potentially give me higher returns on my monetary investment down the road.

2) Specific investing-to-give advice --> E.g. What alternates to giving-now strategies (other than investing) are worth considering for someone that wants to give-later (like donating to an EA-fund)? What sort of splits between giving-now and giving-later are recommended?