Up­com­ing events

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Use the upcoming events tag for posts about events that are coming up. This tag is meant to help people find events they might want to attend.

If you see this tag on a post for an event that has already happened, please downvote the post for that tag; the tag will drop off if enough people do this, which helps us maintain an accurate list.

EA Pic­nic: San Fran­cisco | Sun­day, July 11

BarryGrimes20 May 2021 8:43 UTC
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Vignettes Work­shop (AI Im­pacts)

kokotajlod15 Jun 2021 11:02 UTC
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Save the dates: 2021 EA conferences

BarryGrimes14 Jan 2021 14:07 UTC
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New In­ter­dis­ci­plinary Con­fer­ence on Un­der­stand­ing and Pro­mot­ing Effec­tive Altru­ism—Register now!

RationalityEnhancementGroup19 May 2021 17:03 UTC
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World En­vi­ron­ment Day: How big are the risks from cli­mate change and how can we effec­tively miti­gate these risks?

lukefreeman1 Jun 2021 5:17 UTC
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Suggest ac­tivi­ties for the EA Picnic

BarryGrimes18 Jun 2021 1:22 UTC
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US Policy Ca­reers Speaker Series—Sum­mer 2021

Mauricio18 Jun 2021 20:01 UTC
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