Hu­man-level ar­tifi­cial intelligence

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Human-level artificial intelligence (sometimes also known as artificial general intelligence) is artificial intelligence with cognitive ability matching that of the typical human brain.

Why AI is Harder Than We Think—Me­lanie Mitchell

evelynciara28 Apr 2021 8:19 UTC
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AI timelines and the­o­ret­i­cal un­der­stand­ing of deep learn­ing

Venky102412 Sep 2021 16:26 UTC
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It takes 5 lay­ers and 1000 ar­tifi­cial neu­rons to simu­late a sin­gle biolog­i­cal neu­ron [Link]

MichaelStJules7 Sep 2021 21:53 UTC
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The Me­taethics and Nor­ma­tive Ethics of AGI Value Align­ment: Many Ques­tions, Some Implications

Dario Citrini15 Sep 2021 19:05 UTC
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