Life extension

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The life extension tag covers posts about efforts to increase lifespan (longevity) or healthspan in a way that isn’t based on addressing one specific health problem. This includes preventing/​curing aging and Cryonics.

RP Work Trial Out­put: How to Pri­ori­tize Anti-Aging Pri­ori­ti­za­tion—A Light Investigation

Linch12 Jan 2021 22:51 UTC
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Why are some EAs into cry­on­ics?

BrianTan17 Mar 2021 7:10 UTC
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Eval­u­at­ing Life Ex­ten­sion Ad­vo­cacy Foun­da­tion

Emanuele_Ascani30 Sep 2020 17:46 UTC
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(How) should we pur­sue hu­man longevity?

mwcvitkovic24 Oct 2020 19:08 UTC
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[Paper]: Ar­tifi­cial In­tel­li­gence in Life Ex­ten­sion: from Deep Learn­ing to Superintelligence

turchin4 Jan 2018 14:31 UTC
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Why you should NOT sup­port Aubrey de Grey’s work on age­ing. (maybe)

Sanjay24 Feb 2019 23:43 UTC
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In­ter­view with Aubrey de Grey, chief sci­ence officer of the SENS Re­search Foundation

Emanuele_Ascani1 May 2020 9:02 UTC
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Ex­pected cost per life saved of the TAME trial

Emanuele_Ascani26 May 2018 9:34 UTC
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A gen­eral frame­work for eval­u­at­ing ag­ing re­search. Part 1: rea­son­ing with Longevity Es­cape Velocity

Emanuele_Ascani17 Jan 2019 16:33 UTC
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How to eval­u­ate ne­glect­ed­ness and tractabil­ity of ag­ing research

Emanuele_Ascani2 Aug 2019 10:29 UTC
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Why SENS makes sense

Emanuele_Ascani22 Feb 2020 16:28 UTC
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Aging re­search and pop­u­la­tion ethics

Emanuele_Ascani28 Apr 2019 7:20 UTC
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Im­pact of ag­ing re­search be­sides LEV

Emanuele_Ascani6 Jun 2019 10:42 UTC
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[Draft] Fight­ing Aging as an Effec­tive Altru­ism Cause

turchin16 Apr 2018 10:18 UTC
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Effects of anti-ag­ing re­search on the long-term future

Matthew_Barnett27 Feb 2020 22:42 UTC
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Cost-Effec­tive­ness of Aging Re­search

SarahC31 Jan 2019 20:47 UTC
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Pro­ject Pro­posal: Gears and Aging

johnswentworth11 May 2020 7:29 UTC
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[3-hour pod­cast]: Aubrey de Grey on the EA case for end­ing aging

Gus Docker8 Mar 2021 15:46 UTC
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Die­tary habits – Another po­ten­tial Cause Area?

peter_janicki19 Jun 2021 9:16 UTC
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Aubrey de Grey: Re­ju­ve­na­tion tech­nol­ogy — will “age” soon cease to mean “ag­ing”?

EA Global3 Feb 2020 21:43 UTC
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[Linkpost] Na­ture Aging: A new Na­ture jour­nal ded­i­cated to ag­ing research

ShayBenMoshe15 Jan 2021 17:50 UTC
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