Psy­chol­ogy of effec­tive altruism

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The psychology of effective altruism covers research at the intersection of psychology and effective altruism. Relevant research areas include the psychology of effective giving (Caviola et al. 2014; Caviola, Schubert & Nemirow 2020; Burum, Nowak & Hoffman 2020; Caviola, Schubert & Greene 2021); the psychology of existential risk (Schubert, Caviola & Faber 2019); the psychology of population ethics (Caviola et al. 2021); the psychology of the future (Vallinder 2020); the psychology of speciesism (Caviola 2019; Caviola, Everett & Faber 2019; Caviola & Capraro 2020); the psychology of utilitarianism (Kahane et al. 2018; Everett & Kahane 2020); the link between giving and happiness (MacAskill, Mogensen & Ord 2018; Dalton 2020); and the personality traits of effective altruists (E. 2020).


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