Sen­tience & consciousness

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Many people believe that the moral importance of beings is closely connected to their sentience ⁠and/​or consciousness — loosely speaking, the ways in which they perceive the world and their capacity to experience feelings like suffering or pleasure.

The sentience & consciousness tag is used for posts that discuss the nature of sentience and/​or consciousness, and how we can better understand which beings (including animals and artificial minds) are sentient and/​or conscious in different ways.

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Prin­cipia Qualia: blueprint for a new cause area, con­scious­ness re­search with an eye to­ward ethics and x-risk

MikeJohnson9 Dec 2016 5:47 UTC
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QRI and the Sym­me­try The­ory of Valence

Milan_Griffes19 Dec 2020 18:34 UTC
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Qualia Re­search In­sti­tute: His­tory & 2021 Strategy

andzuck25 Jan 2021 21:38 UTC
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A re­view of what af­fec­tive neu­ro­science knows about suffer­ing & valence. (TLDR: Affec­tive Neu­ro­science is very con­fused about what suffer­ing is.)

MikeJohnson13 Jan 2017 2:01 UTC
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Hi, I’m Luke Muehlhauser. AMA about Open Philan­thropy’s new re­port on con­scious­ness and moral patienthood

lukeprog28 Jun 2017 15:49 UTC
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Opinion: Es­ti­mat­ing In­ver­te­brate Sentience

Jason Schukraft7 Nov 2019 2:38 UTC
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In­ver­te­brate Welfare Cause Profile

Jason Schukraft9 Jul 2019 17:28 UTC
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In­ver­te­brate Sen­tience Table

Daniela R. Waldhorn14 Jun 2019 15:57 UTC
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In­ver­te­brate Sen­tience: A Use­ful Em­piri­cal Resource

Jason Schukraft12 Jun 2019 1:15 UTC
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In­ver­te­brate Sen­tience: Sum­mary of find­ings, Part 2

Daniela R. Waldhorn14 Jun 2019 21:19 UTC
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Fea­tures Rele­vant to In­ver­te­brate Sen­tience, Part 1

Jason Schukraft10 Jun 2019 18:00 UTC
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In­ver­te­brate Sen­tience: Sum­mary of find­ings, Part 1

Daniela R. Waldhorn14 Jun 2019 17:35 UTC
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Log­a­r­ith­mic Scales of Plea­sure and Pain: Rat­ing, Rank­ing, and Com­par­ing Peak Ex­pe­riences Suggest the Ex­is­tence of Long Tails for Bliss and Suffering

algekalipso11 Aug 2019 3:49 UTC
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Log­a­r­ith­mic Scales of Plea­sure and Pain (@Effec­tive Altru­ism NYC)

algekalipso19 Nov 2019 9:55 UTC
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In­ter­view with Jon Mal­latt about in­ver­te­brate consciousness

MaxCarpendale28 Apr 2019 17:52 UTC
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Snails used for hu­man con­sump­tion: The case of meat and slime

Daniela R. Waldhorn6 Feb 2020 17:00 UTC
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Small an­i­mals have enor­mous brains for their size

eukaryote13 Feb 2019 5:12 UTC
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Why I’m fo­cus­ing on in­ver­te­brate sentience

MaxCarpendale8 Dec 2018 19:24 UTC
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Next Steps in In­ver­te­brate Welfare, Part 1: Fun­da­men­tal Research

Daniela R. Waldhorn11 Nov 2019 19:01 UTC
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[Question] What are the best ar­gu­ments for an ex­clu­sively he­do­nis­tic view of value?

MichaelStJules19 Oct 2019 4:11 UTC
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[Link] Assess­ing and Re­spect­ing Sen­tience After Brexit

MichaelStJules19 Feb 2020 7:19 UTC
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Phys­i­cal the­o­ries of con­scious­ness re­duce to panpsychism

MichaelStJules7 May 2020 5:04 UTC
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Fea­tures Rele­vant to In­ver­te­brate Sen­tience, Part 2

Jason Schukraft11 Jun 2019 15:23 UTC
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Fea­tures Rele­vant to In­ver­te­brate Sen­tience, Part 3

Jason Schukraft12 Jun 2019 14:49 UTC
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How to Mea­sure Ca­pac­ity for Welfare and Mo­ral Status

Jason Schukraft1 Jun 2020 15:01 UTC
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Does Crit­i­cal Flicker-Fu­sion Fre­quency Track the Sub­jec­tive Ex­pe­rience of Time?

Jason Schukraft3 Aug 2020 13:30 UTC
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EA read­ing list: util­i­tar­i­anism and consciousness

richard_ngo7 Aug 2020 19:32 UTC
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Re­search Sum­mary: The Sub­jec­tive Ex­pe­rience of Time

Jason Schukraft10 Aug 2020 13:28 UTC
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[Link] How un­der­stand­ing valence could help make fu­ture AIs safer

Milan_Griffes8 Oct 2020 18:53 UTC
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Differ­ences in the In­ten­sity of Valenced Ex­pe­rience across Species

Jason Schukraft30 Oct 2020 1:13 UTC
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An­i­mal Ethics work in 2020

Animal_Ethics27 Dec 2020 17:58 UTC
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Grokking illusionism

Joe_Carlsmith6 Jan 2021 5:50 UTC
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New 4-hour pod­cast about the fu­ture of con­scious­ness with An­drés Gómez Emils­son from the Qualia Re­search In­sti­tute

Gus Docker30 Jan 2021 9:41 UTC
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The Im­por­tance of Ar­tifi­cial Sentience

Jamie_Harris3 Mar 2021 17:17 UTC
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Ja­son Schukraft: Mo­ral stand­ing and cause pri­ori­ti­za­tion

EA Global24 Oct 2020 19:56 UTC
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Per­sis Eskan­der: Re­duc­ing wild-an­i­mal suffer­ing through research

EA Global3 Nov 2017 7:43 UTC
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Ex­pand­ing the moral cir­cle (Kelly Witwicki)

EA Global2 Jun 2017 8:48 UTC
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Sharks prob­a­bly do feel pain: a re­ply to Michael Tye and others

MaxCarpendale4 Feb 2019 13:51 UTC
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Suffer­ing in An­i­mals vs. Humans

Brian_Tomasik15 Aug 2017 0:03 UTC
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Some thoughts on risks from nar­row, non-agen­tic AI

richard_ngo19 Jan 2021 0:07 UTC
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Ac­tu­ally pos­si­ble: thoughts on Utopia

Joe_Carlsmith18 Jan 2021 8:27 UTC
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[Question] Why might one value an­i­mals far less than hu­mans?

IsabelHasse8 Jun 2020 1:54 UTC
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The ap­pli­ca­bil­ity of transsen­tien­tist crit­i­cal path analysis

Peter Sølling11 Aug 2020 11:26 UTC
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New 3-hour pod­cast with An­ders Sand­berg about Grand Futures

Gus Docker6 Oct 2020 10:47 UTC
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What Do Un­con­scious Pro­cesses in Hu­mans Tell Us About Sen­tience?

Daniela R. Waldhorn14 Jun 2019 23:21 UTC
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The Evolu­tion of Sen­tience as a Fac­tor in the Cam­brian Ex­plo­sion: Set­ting up the Question

MaxCarpendale11 Mar 2019 17:54 UTC
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In­ter­view with Shel­ley Adamo about in­ver­te­brate consciousness

MaxCarpendale21 Jun 2019 14:40 UTC
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De­tect­ing Mo­rally Sig­nifi­cant Pain in Non­hu­mans: Some Philo­soph­i­cal Difficulties

Jason Schukraft23 Dec 2018 17:49 UTC
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Ex­pe­ri­en­tial­ist The­o­ries of Well-Being

andzuck19 Feb 2021 20:26 UTC
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In­tro to Con­scious­ness + QRI Read­ing List

andzuck7 Apr 2020 19:00 UTC
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[Question] Con­scious­ness re­search as a cause? [ask­ing for ad­vice]

Luise11 Mar 2021 7:44 UTC
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[3-hour pod­cast] Michael Hue­mer on episte­mol­ogy, metaethics, EA, util­i­tar­i­anism and in­finite ethics

Gus Docker27 Mar 2021 9:04 UTC
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Why I think the Foun­da­tional Re­search In­sti­tute should re­think its approach

MikeJohnson20 Jul 2017 20:46 UTC
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In­ver­te­brate sen­tience: A re­view of the neu­ro­scien­tific literature

JamieGittins30 Jul 2019 15:55 UTC
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In­ter­view with Michael Tye about in­ver­te­brate consciousness

MaxCarpendale8 Aug 2019 10:13 UTC
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The illu­sion of sci­ence in com­par­a­tive cognition

gavintaylor2 Nov 2019 19:17 UTC
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Pod­cast: solv­ing con­scious­ness and sab­o­tag­ing the he­do­nic treadmill

Garrison7 Nov 2019 1:56 UTC
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[Question] How wor­ried should I be about a child­less Dis­ney­land?

willbradshaw28 Oct 2019 15:32 UTC
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