United States politics

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The United States politics tag is used on posts discussing political or politicized topics in the United States. These posts might propose cause areas within US politics, or advocate action for political change. Other posts might be research on topics which require engagement with US politics.

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HIPR: A new EA-al­igned policy newslet­ter

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Ide­ol­ogy and Perfor­mance in Public Organizations

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Work­ing in Congress (Part #1): Back­ground and some EA cause area analysis

Locke_USA11 Apr 2021 18:24 UTC
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AMA: Eliz­a­beth Ed­wards-Ap­pell, former State Representative

ElizabethE9 Jan 2021 18:05 UTC
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Im­pact of US Strate­gic Power on Global Well-Be­ing (quick take)

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The 2018 elec­tions and farm animals

EA Forum Archives4 Oct 2018 5:00 UTC
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Con­crete For­eign Policy Recom­men­da­tions for America

kbog20 Jan 2020 21:52 UTC
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[Question] Should EAs in the U.S. fo­cus more on fed­eral or lo­cal poli­tics?

evelynciara5 May 2021 8:33 UTC
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Fi­nal Re­port of the Na­tional Se­cu­rity Com­mis­sion on Ar­tifi­cial In­tel­li­gence (NSCAI, 2021)

MichaelA1 Jun 2021 8:19 UTC
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Can­di­date Scor­ing Sys­tem, Se­cond Release

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When does it make sense to sup­port/​op­pose poli­ti­cal can­di­dates on EA grounds?

IanDavidMoss14 Oct 2020 13:51 UTC
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Recom­men­da­tions for pri­ori­tiz­ing poli­ti­cal en­gage­ment in the 2020 US elections

IanDavidMoss14 Oct 2020 13:52 UTC
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Re­view: “Why It’s OK To Ig­nore Poli­tics” by Christo­pher Freiman

kbog23 Feb 2021 5:38 UTC
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In­sta­bil­ity risks of the up­com­ing U.S. elec­tion and recom­men­da­tions for EAs

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Get­ting money out of poli­tics and into charity

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A com­par­i­son of Amer­i­can poli­ti­cal parties

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What does Trump mean for EA?

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EA con­sid­er­a­tions re­gard­ing in­creas­ing poli­ti­cal polarization

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How I got an en­try-level role in Congress

new_staffer12 Apr 2021 4:10 UTC
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A wealth tax could have un­pre­dictable effects on poli­tics and philanthropy

Pablo31 Oct 2019 13:05 UTC
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2020 United States/​Cal­ifor­nia elec­tion recommendations

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Can­di­date Scor­ing Sys­tem recom­men­da­tions for the Demo­cratic pres­i­den­tial primaries

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New and im­proved Can­di­date Scor­ing System

kbog12 Nov 2019 8:49 UTC
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A sys­tem for scor­ing poli­ti­cal can­di­dates. RFC (re­quest for com­ments) on method­ol­ogy and positions

kbog13 Feb 2019 10:35 UTC
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Vot­ing is to­day (Tues­day March 3) in Cal­ifor­nia and other states—here are recommendations

kbog3 Mar 2020 10:40 UTC
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Pres­i­dent Trump as a Global Catas­trophic Risk

HaydnBelfield18 Nov 2016 18:02 UTC
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On Mike Berkow­itz’s 80k Podcast

Timothy_Liptrot21 Apr 2021 1:53 UTC
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Re­sponse to a Dy­lan Matthews ar­ti­cle on Vox about bipartisanship

kbog20 Dec 2018 15:53 UTC
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Some (Rough) Thoughts on the Value of Cam­paign Contributions

Rook10 Feb 2020 4:53 UTC
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