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EA Cameroon—COVID-19 Aware­ness and Preven­tion in the Santa Divi­sion of Cameroon Pro­ject Pro­posal

brb24325 Jul 2020 20:19 UTC
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Effec­tive Altru­ism and In­ter­na­tional Trade

brb24315 Oct 2019 3:21 UTC
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A coun­ter­fac­tual QALY for USD 2.60–28.94?

brb2436 Sep 2020 21:45 UTC
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Univer­sal cost-effec­tive­ness calculator

brb24311 Oct 2020 13:54 UTC
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[Question] Sam­ple size and clus­ter­ing ad­vice needed

brb24329 Jul 2020 14:21 UTC
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Data Anal­y­sis In­volve­ment Op­por­tu­nity (~10 hours)

brb2436 Sep 2020 21:39 UTC
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Faith-based groups part­ner­ship pro­gram pilot

brb24328 Jan 2021 0:31 UTC
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[Question] What are some af­ford­able RCT re­search or­ga­ni­za­tions?

brb24312 Jan 2022 21:22 UTC
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Wel­lbe­ing height and depth visualizations

brb2433 Nov 2021 2:59 UTC
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[Question] Should Founders Pledge sup­port only the non-con­scious as­set trans­fer arm of Band­han’s Tar­get­ing the Hard­core Poor poverty grad­u­a­tion pro­gram?

brb2437 Jan 2022 22:54 UTC
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[Question] Can it be more cost-effec­tive to pre­vent than to treat ob­stet­ric fis­tu­las?

brb24310 Jan 2022 19:39 UTC
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[Question] Is the $1–20/​life saved by a pneu­mo­coc­cus vac­cine still available? At what scale?

brb24311 Jan 2022 21:01 UTC
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[Question] How to se­lect un­con­di­tional cash trans­fer benefi­cia­ries to max­i­mize cost-effec­tive­ness (and what in­sti­tu­tional changes can solve re­cip­i­ents’ is­sues)?

brb2437 Jan 2022 22:52 UTC
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[Question] Should the Aravind Eye Care Sys­tem be funded in lieu of The Fred Hol­lows Foun­da­tion?

brb24311 Jan 2022 21:00 UTC
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[Question] What are some cost-effec­tive co-in­ter­ven­tions (and al­ter­na­tives) to bed­net dis­bur­sal?

brb2437 Jan 2022 22:53 UTC
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