Luke Chambers

Karma: 333

BSc (Hons) Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence

Master of Laws (LLM) Space Law

PhD Candidate (Law) - Title: “AI and Machine Learning Nascent Visual Biometrics in Police Intelligence and Criminal Evidence – Impacts on Reliability and Fairness”

I currently work in the criminal justice system of England & Wales, as well as researching my PhD. My academic history in AI and in Law have resulted in an avid interest in all things AI Law (esp criminal law and human rights law) and its value to Longtermist principles. If you ever want to chat about the topic at all, please feel free to pop me an email at :)

UK AI Policy Re­port: Con­tent, Sum­mary, and its Im­pact on EA Cause Areas

Luke Chambers21 Jul 2022 17:32 UTC
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