[Question] Investing to Give Beginner Advice?

I’ve been con­vinced by some of the ar­gu­ments that I should be in­vest­ing some of the money I’m cur­rently donat­ing for the pur­pose of donat­ing more later. The main prob­lem with this is that I know very lit­tle about in­vest­ing, and some­thing about (1) the not-very-epistem­i­cally-care­ful in­vest­ing cul­ture and (2) the oo­dles and oo­dles of “in­vest­ment ad­vice” on the in­ter­net makes this quite daunt­ing. Given that the EA com­mu­nity tends to be un­usu­ally epistem­i­cally care­ful and some peo­ple in it will likely have already sorted through that ad­vice, I figured it could be worth­while to ask around a bit. Also, hope­fully, some of the an­swers be­low will also be helpful for other EAs down the line.

There are two cat­e­gories of ad­vice I’m look­ing for:

1) Gen­eral in­vest­ment ad­vice --> this can be spe­cific tips or links to longer re­sources that peo­ple find valuable, like books, web­sites, etc. I’m will­ing to in­vest a bit of time into re­search if it’ll po­ten­tially give me higher re­turns on my mon­e­tary in­vest­ment down the road.

2) Spe­cific in­vest­ing-to-give ad­vice --> E.g. What al­ter­nates to giv­ing-now strate­gies (other than in­vest­ing) are worth con­sid­er­ing for some­one that wants to give-later (like donat­ing to an EA-fund)? What sort of splits be­tween giv­ing-now and giv­ing-later are recom­mended?

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