Global Food Part­ners is seek­ing a Mid­dle+ Django Devel­oper to build a Cage-Free Hub

Jayasimha Nuggehalli24 Sep 2021 11:20 UTC
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His­tory of Philan­thropy Liter­a­ture Re­view: Pug­wash Con­fer­ences on Science and World Affairs

Holden Karnofsky24 Sep 2021 8:52 UTC
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Fa­nat­i­cism in AI: SERI Project

Jake Arft-Guatelli24 Sep 2021 4:39 UTC
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What Mo­ti­vates Uneth­i­cal Be­hav­ior and How Does that Affect our Altru­is­tic Re­sponse?

Mahendra Prasad24 Sep 2021 3:01 UTC
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The Good, The Bad, and The Noble Con­cep­tions of God: Un­der­stand­ing How Reli­gion Can Affect Un­der­stand­ings of Altruism

Mahendra Prasad24 Sep 2021 2:54 UTC
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Three pod­cast epi­sodes on en­ergy and cli­mate change

finm24 Sep 2021 2:32 UTC
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[Question] GlobalGiv­ Air Pol­lu­tion in Uganda

more better 24 Sep 2021 2:23 UTC
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Snap­shot of a ca­reer choice 10 years ago

Julia_Wise23 Sep 2021 19:05 UTC
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On the Ex­panded Im­ple­men­ta­tion of Nu­clear En­ergy: An eval­u­a­tion of the pre­sent tech­nol­ogy and its po­ten­tial to re­duce global CO2 Emissions

njusten23 Sep 2021 17:27 UTC
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Why I am prob­a­bly not a longtermist

Denise_Melchin23 Sep 2021 17:24 UTC
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Holden Karnofsky on build­ing ap­ti­tudes and kick­ing ass

80000_Hours23 Sep 2021 16:55 UTC
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Plan Your Ca­reer on Paper

Aidan O'Gara23 Sep 2021 15:04 UTC
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What is Com­pute? - Trans­for­ma­tive AI and Com­pute [1/​4]

lennart23 Sep 2021 13:54 UTC
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Trans­for­ma­tive AI and Com­pute [Sum­mary]

lennart23 Sep 2021 13:53 UTC
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What should “coun­ter­fac­tual dona­tion” mean?

Jeff_Kaufman23 Sep 2021 12:59 UTC
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Creative Writ­ing Con­test: “The Per­fumer in Pur­ga­tory” fiction

Alicia Hilton23 Sep 2021 6:29 UTC
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[Creative Writ­ing Con­test] [Fic­tion] Houseproud

Laurence Raphael Brothers23 Sep 2021 6:29 UTC
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[Question] Should We Have More Ex­pan­sive Laws as an Alter­na­tive to Can­cel Cul­ture?

FCCC23 Sep 2021 6:07 UTC
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Robin Han­son’s Grabby Aliens model ex­plained—part 1

Writer22 Sep 2021 18:50 UTC
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In­ver­te­brate pain and suffer­ing: What do anal­gesic stud­ies tell us?

Timothy Chan22 Sep 2021 16:52 UTC
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