Things EA Group Or­ganisers Need To Hear

Kenneth_Diao13 Apr 2024 19:24 UTC
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To what ex­tent & how did EA in­di­rectly con­tribute to fi­nan­cial crime—and what can be done now? One at­tempt at a review

AnotherAnonymousFTXAccount13 Apr 2024 5:55 UTC
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Writ­ing about my job on Open Philan­thropy’s Global Aid Policy pro­gram + re­lated ca­reer opportunities

Sam Anschell12 Apr 2024 23:35 UTC
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AISN #33: Re­assess­ing AI and Biorisk Plus, Con­soli­da­tion in the Cor­po­rate AI Land­scape, and Na­tional In­vest­ments in AI

Center for AI Safety12 Apr 2024 16:11 UTC
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In­creas­ing risks of GCRs due to cli­mate change

Leonora_Camner12 Apr 2024 15:57 UTC
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Guilt at EA

ABishop12 Apr 2024 13:50 UTC
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#184 – Sleep­ing on sleeper agents, and the biggest AI up­dates since ChatGPT (Zvi Mow­show­itz on the 80,000 Hours Pod­cast)

80000_Hours12 Apr 2024 12:22 UTC
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Auc­tion-Based Funding

ABishop12 Apr 2024 10:36 UTC
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Re­port: Eval­u­at­ing an AI Chip Regis­tra­tion Policy

Deric Cheng12 Apr 2024 4:40 UTC
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Take a Minute to Vote for the Profit for Good Ses­sion at SOCAP Global

Brad West12 Apr 2024 2:13 UTC
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[Link Post] Elon Musk wants to colonize Mars. It’s a dis­as­trous idea

BrianK11 Apr 2024 12:58 UTC
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Reimag­in­ing Malev­olence: A Primer on Malev­olence and Im­pli­ca­tions for EA

Kenneth_Diao11 Apr 2024 12:50 UTC
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Dear EA, please be the rea­son peo­ple like me will ac­tu­ally see a bet­ter world. Help me make some small stride on ex­treme poverty where I live—by the end of 2024.

Anthony Kalulu, a rural farmer in eastern Uganda.11 Apr 2024 10:14 UTC
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A Gen­tle In­tro­duc­tion to Risk Frame­works Beyond Forecasting

pending_survival11 Apr 2024 9:15 UTC
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[Question] Ci­ti­zens Group for Steer­ing AI

Odette B11 Apr 2024 9:15 UTC
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Un­der­stand­ing FTX’s crimes

FTXwatcher11 Apr 2024 9:14 UTC
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[Question] Me­diocre EAs: ca­reer paths and how do they en­gage with EA?

mikbp11 Apr 2024 8:36 UTC
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Repug­nance and replacement

MichaelStJules11 Apr 2024 2:40 UTC
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The Scout Mind­set and Epistemic Health

Sgt.Chuckles11 Apr 2024 2:27 UTC
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Me­tac­u­lus: Q2 Cup Kick­off + Q1 Winners

christian10 Apr 2024 21:30 UTC
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