Mak­ing More Sequences

Bob Jacobs20 Oct 2020 12:36 UTC
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Donor-Ad­vised Funds vs. Tax­able Ac­counts for Pa­tient Donors

MichaelDickens19 Oct 2020 20:38 UTC
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When set­ting up a char­ity, should you em­ploy a lawyer?

Sanjay19 Oct 2020 18:04 UTC
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[Question] Which is bet­ter for an­i­mal welfare, ter­raform­ing planets or space habitats? And by how much?

DonyChristie17 Oct 2020 21:49 UTC
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[Link] “Where are all the suc­cess­ful ra­tio­nal­ists?”

Milan_Griffes17 Oct 2020 19:59 UTC
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List of EA-re­lated organisations

JamieGittins16 Oct 2020 14:06 UTC
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We es­ti­mate GiveWell donors’ $15.3 mil­lion to the Against Malaria Foun­da­tion will save over 3,000 lives

GiveWell16 Oct 2020 9:31 UTC
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Char­ity Nav­i­ga­tor ac­quired Im­pactMat­ters and is start­ing to men­tion “cost-effec­tive­ness” as important

lukefreeman14 Oct 2020 21:43 UTC
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Avoid­ing Mu­nich’s Mis­takes: Ad­vice for CEA and Lo­cal Groups

Larks14 Oct 2020 17:08 UTC
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When does it make sense to sup­port/​op­pose poli­ti­cal can­di­dates on EA grounds?

IanDavidMoss14 Oct 2020 13:51 UTC
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Five New EA Char­i­ties with High Po­ten­tial for Impact

Joey14 Oct 2020 12:15 UTC
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[Question] Effec­tive dona­tion for Mo­ria /​ Les­bos

Milbig14 Oct 2020 7:43 UTC
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[Question] Ev­i­dence on cor­re­la­tion be­tween mak­ing less than par­ents and welfare/​hap­piness?

jessica_mccurdy14 Oct 2020 2:08 UTC
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Longter­mist rea­sons to work for in­no­va­tive governments

Alexis Carlier13 Oct 2020 16:32 UTC
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[Question] Is there a pos­i­tive im­pact com­pany rank­ing for job searches?

wachichornia13 Oct 2020 10:19 UTC
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Crowd­fund­ing plat­form tips?

Ryan Wilcox13 Oct 2020 6:28 UTC
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TIO: A men­tal health chatbot

Sanjay12 Oct 2020 20:52 UTC
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An­nounc­ing our sum­mer 2020 ACE Move­ment Grants

Animal Charity Evaluators12 Oct 2020 18:28 UTC
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Eval­u­at­ing a crowd­fund­ing cam­paign to test an oral an­thrax vac­cine for wildlife

Cienna12 Oct 2020 5:06 UTC
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[Question] What types of char­ity will be the most effec­tive for cre­at­ing a more equal so­ciety?

Maksim12 Oct 2020 5:05 UTC
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