[Question] Which are bet­ter, short-term or long-term or­ga­ni­za­tions?

LoveAndPeaceAlways2 Dec 2021 9:17 UTC
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[Question] Does EA in­fluence the way you cel­e­brate Christ­mas?

kirstenangeles2 Dec 2021 7:43 UTC
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Syd­ney AI Safety Fellowship

casebash2 Dec 2021 7:35 UTC
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1Day Sooner Town Hall (Thurs 12.2, 1 pm est) + Some Thoughts on Omicron Challenge Studies

joshcmorrison1 Dec 2021 23:25 UTC
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Biol­ogy-In­spired AGI Timelines: The Trick That Never Works

EliezerYudkowsky1 Dec 2021 22:44 UTC
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Effec­tive Altru­ism: The First Decade (Fo­rum Re­view)

Aaron Gertler1 Dec 2021 22:18 UTC
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I’ve au­thored a new book (After Meat) about the tech­nolog­i­cal limits of an­i­mals for pro­duc­tion and why we’ll do bet­ter. AMA

Karthik Sekar1 Dec 2021 20:51 UTC
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New pub­li­ca­tion: A guide to the chang­ing land­scape of high-im­pact cli­mate philanthropy

jackva1 Dec 2021 19:00 UTC
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[Question] What are the most im­pact­ful roles that EAs are cur­rently not en­ter­ing (and why)?

Cillian Crosson1 Dec 2021 16:58 UTC
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[Question] Have any EA non­prof­its tried offer­ing staff fund­ing-based com­pen­sa­tion? If not, why not? If so, how did it go?

Arepo1 Dec 2021 15:07 UTC
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Profit max­imi­sa­tion and obli­ga­tions on shareholders

Samuel Shadrach1 Dec 2021 11:32 UTC
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A bot­tom-up ap­proach for im­prov­ing pub­lic de­ci­sion making

Jsevillamol1 Dec 2021 9:14 UTC
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Im­prov­ing the Public Man­age­ment of Global Catas­trophic Risks in Spain

Jsevillamol1 Dec 2021 9:13 UTC
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EA Be­hav­ioral Science Newslet­ter #3 released

PeterSlattery1 Dec 2021 1:02 UTC
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[Question] What’s the The­ory of Change/​The­ory of Vic­tory for Farmed An­i­mal Welfare?

Linch1 Dec 2021 0:52 UTC
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The EA An­i­mal Welfare Fund Has Sig­nifi­cant Room For More Funding

kierangreig1 Dec 2021 0:10 UTC
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Creat­ing In­di­vi­d­ual Con­nec­tions via the Forum

Ben_West30 Nov 2021 22:48 UTC
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Row­ing, Steer­ing, An­chor­ing, Equity, Mutiny

Holden Karnofsky30 Nov 2021 21:11 UTC
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An­nounc­ing Effec­, pow­ered by EA Funds

SamDeere30 Nov 2021 15:31 UTC
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Goals of the EA Men­tal Health Nav­i­ga­tor Ser­vice for the next 6 months (look­ing for vol­un­teers!)

Emily Jennings30 Nov 2021 13:09 UTC
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