Task Y: representing EA in your field

Closely re­lated to the earner to give is the EA am­bas­sador.

The EA am­bas­sador is some­one who is ide­olog­i­cally on board with EA. They’re also so­cially in­volved. How­ever, they are not pro­fes­sion­ally in­volved, and most of their pro­fes­sional life is in a com­pletely differ­ent field or in­dus­try.

As a rel­a­tively suc­cess­ful and in­fluen­tial pro­fes­sional, in academia or in­dus­try or gov­ern­ment or el­se­where, their value is that they im­ple­ment EA think­ing in the ex­e­cu­tion of their work. In ad­di­tion, they chan­nel ca­reer cap­i­tal (con­nec­tions, skills, wis­dom) from their field into EA. In ad­di­tion, they donate a con­sid­er­able part of their in­come to core EA or­gani­sa­tions. Lastly, their en­dorse­ment helps move EA con­cepts into the over­ton win­dow of so­ciety in gen­eral.

Mo­ral drift is pre­vented by mak­ing sure there is a strong so­cial core to EA, so that a lack of pro­fes­sional ties doesn’t cut one off en­tirely.

This is my best an­swer to task Y. Go forth and climb lad­ders. Then tie them to­gether.

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