Pro­ject for Awesome

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Project for Awesome (P4A) is an annual philanthropic initiative founded by John and Hank Green, in which people vote on YouTube videos about charities and the charities with the most votes receive money.

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Project for Awesome. Official website.

Pro­ject For Awe­some 2021 was a suc­cess!

AnnieAB24 Mar 2021 20:45 UTC
75 points
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Vot­ing open for Pro­ject for Awe­some 2021!

MichaelStJules12 Feb 2021 2:22 UTC
33 points
6 comments1 min readEA link

Pro­ject for Awe­some 2021: Video signup and resources

MichaelStJules31 Jan 2021 1:57 UTC
11 points
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Pro­ject for Awe­some: You can move ~$1K to a top char­ity by mak­ing a short video—no tal­ent re­quired!

cafelow7 Dec 2017 0:14 UTC
10 points
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Pro­ject for Awe­some 2021: Early coordination

MichaelStJules27 Jan 2021 19:11 UTC
57 points
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Please vote for our video on De­worm the World in this on­line poll.

AlasdairGives13 Dec 2014 19:27 UTC
5 points
16 commentsEA link
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