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The SCI Foundation (SCI), formerly known as the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative, is a charity that works with governments in sub-Saharan Africa to create or scale up deworming programs.


SCI was founded in 2002 as an initiative within Imperial College London with a £20 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (SCI Foundation 2020). In 2019, SCI became an independent organization, adopting its current name (SCI Foundation 2020).


As of June 2021, GiveWell estimates that SCI can deworm 100 children at a cost of about $100, leading to a cumulative $1,100 in additional earnings over the course of the children’s lives (GiveWell 2020a; GiveWell 2020b).

SCI has been a GiveWell top-rated charity every year since 2011 (Sánchez 2019). The Life You Can Save features SCI in their list of “best charities” (The Life You Can Save 2021).


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