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I’m a Yale grad student studying development, statistical analysis, and US foreign policy. Before coming to Yale I served four years as a US Army officer. Before that I studied political science and economics at Johns Hopkins. I love travel, sports, and writing, especially about the moral implications of policy issues.

I was first drawn to EA to maximize the impact of my charitable giving, but now hope to work in the field professionally. My favorite charity is Give Directly, and I value altruism that respects the preferences of its intended beneficiaries. I also hope to make US foreign policy more peaceful one day, and to leave space for those in the developing world to chart their own course out of poverty.

De­bate on Ranked Choice v. Ap­proval Voting

AndrewDoris20 Mar 2021 20:40 UTC
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Panel dis­cus­sion on weigh­ing risk and im­pact in philanthropy

AndrewDoris2 Feb 2021 22:40 UTC
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An in­ner de­bate on risk aver­sion and sys­temic change

AndrewDoris2 Feb 2021 22:31 UTC
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