Deric Cheng

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AI Governance Researcher at Convergence Analysis—leading a research program for evaluating governance recommendations.

Previously one of the first engineers at Alchemy, a crypto startup now with a $10.2 billion valuation.

Before that, I was a hardware /​ interaction researcher at Google Glass, responsible for the design and engineering of the first real-time translation feature for earbuds on the Pixel Buds.

AI In­ci­dent Re­port­ing: A Reg­u­la­tory Review

Deric Cheng11 Mar 2024 21:02 UTC
10 points
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AI Model Registries: A Reg­u­la­tory Review

Deric Cheng22 Mar 2024 16:01 UTC
6 points
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AI Discrim­i­na­tion Re­quire­ments: A Reg­u­la­tory Review

Deric Cheng4 Apr 2024 15:44 UTC
8 points
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Re­port: Eval­u­at­ing an AI Chip Regis­tra­tion Policy

Deric Cheng12 Apr 2024 4:40 UTC
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Cy­ber­se­cu­rity of Fron­tier AI Models: A Reg­u­la­tory Review

Deric Cheng25 Apr 2024 14:51 UTC
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Re­view­ing the Struc­ture of Cur­rent AI Regulations

Deric Cheng7 May 2024 12:34 UTC
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What you re­ally mean when you claim to sup­port “UBI for job au­toma­tion”: Part 1

Deric Cheng14 May 2024 8:26 UTC
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2024 State of AI Reg­u­la­tory Landscape

Deric Cheng28 May 2024 12:00 UTC
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