Tatiana K. Nesic Skuratova

Karma: 29

I’m a Citizen of the World who started her journey in snowy & wild Kamchatka. Growing up in such an environment taught me the value of hard work and made me a competitive & adaptable individual. After moving to China at an early age, where I learned a new language & studied Intl. Pol. Sci. bachelor’s degree in Mandarin – I ended up wanting to be in the business area. I also lived in South Korea, Thailand, and Indonesia which provided me with a deep understanding of the APAC region & I’ve been closely involved in the charity world with the focus on children’s education & economic empowerment. Throughout these experiences, I’ve learned how to navigate change based on different cultures & environments. I’ve opened myself up to meeting and understanding various people. Based on those individuals, I determined my focus on supporting organizations—how I can help to enhance the recruitment process in order to make it more efficient and ensure that the employer brand is set up successfully.

Currently, I am a trilingual (the Serbian language will be the fourth!) Consultant who is based in Serbia, supporting different international companies and assisting them to find the best caliber talent on the global scale.

I’m a link between “West and East” as I come from both worlds. I am a problem-solver and I am energized by communication with different people and by helping them realize where they best fit into new roles and environments. I excel in building long-term relationships with clients by fully understanding their needs and converting them to action. I am detail-focused, analytical, and people-oriented, able to put the puzzle pieces together in the timeframe for both companies and candidates – which requires a lot of organization – and that is something I bring forward – structure building and attention to detail.

Hiring non-EA Ta­lent: Pros & Cons

Tatiana K. Nesic Skuratova13 May 2024 16:07 UTC
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