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Hi, I am Tereza, and I am currently exploring paths to become the ‘EA Architect’. I indeed am an architect by education (studied at University of Cambridge) and have recently decided to quit my job in urban design to devote all my time and resources to contribute with my skills to the EA and longtermist spaces. This was made much easier after I was granted the FTX EA fellowship.

I have been primarily involved in research for the design and implementation of refuges for catastrophic risks. I am currently working full time on refuges, focusing on helping people connect and work together to make refuges happen. My work on refuges was enabled through FXT regranting scheme grant from Linch. If you are keen to get involved in work on refuges, please get in touch and I will make sure you can reach a diverse and growing group working on refuges!

Furthermore, I have used my skills to help EAs with a variety of office space design projects, community and social spaces as well as exploring opportunities for setting up EA hubs and EA neighbourhoods. If you are thinking of setting up anything like that, please get in touch, I would be happy to share my work to date and if time allows, contribute to driving your project forward.

I am further exploring other options for me to utilise my skills within EA, ranging from Charter Cities, design of buildings to mitigate spread of diseases and more. If you have ideas that you want to share with me or strong opinions on which career path I should prioritise, I would be keen to hear from you!

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