Tom Gardiner

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Tom is a junior officer in the UK’s Royal Navy. He has been interested in EA and Rationality since 2017, was on the committee for the EA society at the University of St Andrews, and can intermittently be found in Trajan House, Oxford.

Note: Evidence suggests there is another Tom Gardiner in the EA community which may lead to reputational confusion.

Mili­tary sup­port in a global catastrophe

Tom Gardiner24 Jan 2023 16:30 UTC
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Which core com­pe­ten­cies should an EA re­fresh?

Tom Gardiner12 Nov 2022 10:14 UTC
25 points
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Mar­i­time ca­pa­bil­ity and post-catas­tro­phe re­silience.

Tom Gardiner14 Jul 2022 11:29 UTC
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My GWWC dona­tions Part 2: Re­view­ing and re­spond­ing to comments

Tom Gardiner30 Apr 2022 13:53 UTC
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