Announcing EA Funds management AMAs: 20th December

The new fund management teams for Animal Welfare, Long-Term Future and EA Meta Funds will be holding AMAs about their grant making on the EA Forum this Thursday, 20th December.

This will be a chance to put any questions you may have about the recent sets of grants they made, how they envision their decision making processes in future rounds and other related topics, directly to the management teams.

Look out for the AMA threads coming online tomorrow, so we will be able to start collecting questions ahead of time. If you do not get to participate in the next couple of days, feel free to use those threads to ask questions for the next few weeks, and they may still be able to get to answering some of those after the “official” period of the AMA finishes.

Edit: The Long-Term Future Fund AMA thread is live. As are the threads for the Animal Welfare and EA Meta Funds.