Bring legal cases to me, I will donate 100% of my cut of the fee to a charity of your choice

I am a lawyer that practices near Chicago, Illinois and I also started a 501c3 charity called the Consumer Power Initiative. CPI is interested in using our economic power to benefit charities.

To that end, I would like to donate 100% of my cut of any business I bring in to the charity of the choice to whoever brings in the business. I get a third of our firm’s fee for business that I bring in. Thus, in a personal injury case, we would get a third of any money generated, so I would generate my cut (a ninth) to the charity of your choice. In an hourly case, I would get a third of the fees generated.

Randall Wolff & Associates is the firm I work for and we do a great job for our clients; you can check out our high score on Google Reviews. We would love to take your personal injury, worker’s compensation, bankruptcy, or divorce cases. We also would be interested in seeing if we can help you with commercial disputes.

I would like EAs more generally to do stuff like this. Are you a professional where rainmaking could be valuable to your business and are interested in helping effective charities anyway? Make it explicitly known that you will direct your cut of the fees to a specific charity, or a charity of their choice. Earning to Give can be much more effective if you use the fact that you donate your earnings to generate business.

If you would like to do this, please initiate any conversations about representation by either emailing or calling 847-222-9465 and speaking with Brad West first. It needs to be clear that I generated the business for me (and thus your charity) to get the fee.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Consumer Power Initiative, check out our newsletter. Also check out BOAS, a company in the EU that sells sustainable baby products and directs all profits to charities.

CPI Newsletter: https://​​​​open?id=1jXeT6SHoLoaXfkoT_7YCSgpMGHTiDwFU&

BOAS website: