[Link] How to set up your planned giving now

This is a linkpost for https://​​medium.com/​​@aaron­ham­lin/​​planned-giv­ing-for-ev­ery­one-15b9baf88632

The bal­ance of sav­ing and giv­ing has come up re­peat­edly in this fo­rum. The ma­jor essence of planned giv­ing is be­ing able to give away all the as­sets that you can’t give away right now. And those as­sets you can’t give right now tend to be rel­a­tively large com­pared to what you can give now.

The catch is that planned giv­ing can be hard to figure out. So I read a bunch of planned giv­ing books to make this eas­ier. I also have both a le­gal and non­profit back­ground, which makes this eas­ier for me than the av­er­age per­son. Note that the linked es­say is US-cen­tric, but many of the con­cepts likely ap­ply in other coun­tries.

Feel free to let me know if you have any feed­back, and good luck set­ting up your planned giv­ing. Much of it isn’t that hard.