The most read 80,000 Hours posts from the last 3 months

Here is re­cent con­tent on the 80,000 Hours blog, ranked in or­der of high­est to low­est num­ber of read­ers in the last 90 days. I think some of it is pretty swell—I hope you do to!

  1. Why you should fo­cus more on tal­ent gaps, not fund­ing gaps

  2. What are the 10 most harm­ful jobs?

  3. Join us as a pro­ject en­g­ineer and build our in­ter­ac­tive ca­reer guide, and hep mil­lions of grad­u­ates have a greater so­cial impact

  4. How to write a ca­reer plan

  5. Startup em­ploy­ees don’t earn more

  6. I want to make a differ­ence—should I be­come a philoso­pher?

  7. What’s the eas­iest way any­one can have a big so­cial im­pact?

  8. Why you usu­ally shouldn’t work at non-prof­its straight af­ter graduating

  9. If you want to save lives, should you study medicine?

  10. Le­hua closed down her fundrais­ing startup af­ter read­ing our blog: plan change story

  11. Com­mon in­vest­ing mis­takes in the effec­tive al­tru­ism community

  12. Our new tool can help you make the right ca­reer decisions

  13. The re­turn to cod­ing boot­camps may not re­main so high forever

  14. Why ev­ery­one, even our read­ers, should save enough to live for 6-24 months

  15. How to pur­sue a ca­reer in re­search to lower the risks from su­per­in­tel­li­gent ma­chines: a new ca­reer re­view.