Give if you win (innovation in fundraising)

I’m an academic Economist at the University of Exeter, working on a project called ‘Give if you win’. Here’s a summary:

Millions of employees anticipate end-of-year bonuses and performance-dependent income, particularly in finance and sales. Before these are announced many are uncertain of what size reward, if any, they will get. There is evidence from behavioural economics and psychology that people may be especially generous if asked to commit in advance: ‘if you win a bonus, how much will you donate to charity?’, or if asked immediately after they win a bonus. This evidence also broadly justifies pledges like GWWC and the Founder’s Pledge. I have been researching this concept at the University of Exeter Business School, and promoting this idea as part of an ESRC-funded impact project called ‘Innovations in fundraising’, partnering with George Howlett of the Centre for Effective Altruism. We give the general pitch and some relevant links on the page

I would really appreciate it if you could take a look at this page and give some feedback and ideas. I’m looking for opportunities to try this out, as well to learn more about potential obstacles and implementation issues.

By the way, as part of this project, my research assistants and I are gathering information in an ‘Innovations in Fundraising Wiki’ (link to alpha version here), and we are looking for collaborators and volunteers (and very willing to partner and integrate with other platforms). I think these resources could be particularly valuable to Effective Altruists looking to fundraise and to find ways of boosting effective giving. Please let me know if you are interested—I’ll post more on this later.