[Question] Has anyone analyzed the trade-offs between mosquito and human welfare?

Has any­one an­a­lyzed the trade­offs be­tween mosquito and hu­man welfare?

Back­ground: I have donated a lot of money to the Against Malaria Foun­da­tion, which re­sults in short­en­ing the lives of many mosquitoes and length­en­ing the lives of many hu­mans. I gather this and similar in­ter­ven­tions are pop­u­lar in the EA com­mu­nity, but wild an­i­mal welfare is also a con­cern for some (in­clud­ing me). So it seems plau­si­ble that one might ob­ject to these in­ter­ven­tions for an­i­mal welfare rea­sons.

So has any­one at­tempted to an­a­lyze this trade-off? A few min­utes of search­ing didn’t turn any­thing up.

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