Open call for EAs with passion for meta-learning <3

Hi everyone!

As per my previous few posts about my new project (link to site here), I’d love to build a community of EAs who are passionate about meta-learning (i.e. have been using Anki/​ SuperMemo for a while & believe that getting these tools & concepts to more people could have a big positive impact) in order to build some EA flashcard decks & help with meta-learning advocacy more broadly.

A brief outline of what I think collaboration on this project could look like/​ involve is found in this Google Doc.

In brief, I’d like to have a group of people working on making flashcard decks from various foundational EA texts, as well as potentially writing meta-learning guides/​ testimonials for the website.

So if you’re a bit of a meta-learning nerd like me and would be interested in getting involved please get in touch, either in a comment here, a PM, or emailing me at :)

Here’s a link to the project Google Drive folder too, and to the Whatsapp group :)