“The Precipice” by Toby Ord flashcards now live :)

Hi everyone!

Following on from my recent EA forum post, I’m excited to announce that the first collection of Effective Altruism flashcards has been published at www.teachingyouhowtolearn.com!

I’m currently reading “The Precipice” and thought it’d be a perfect EA-aligned book to also create flashcards for to share with the community.

I’m a huge proponent of writing flashcards in plain-text format (reasoning here under the appropriate heading), so I’ve provided a link to the Google Doc containing the flashcards on this page on the site. This is also useful if you’re not a current Anki user but would like to glance through just to see what I’ve done & the contents of the book.

I’ve also created a downloaded shared Anki deck here for ease-of-use.

As a quick summary of the first post, I’ve created a website with the aim to a) get the ideas and techniques of meta-learning in front of as many EAs & 80,000 Hours-aligned people as possible, and to b) act as a repository of EA/​ 80,000 Hours flashcard decks to improve retention, knowledge formation etc. More details can be found on the site! It’s very work in progress right now so I’ve added a quick roadmap page to outline what is in the pipeline.

A note that I’ve also added a newsletter to the site to notify you when a new flashcard deck or post is added :)

Any feedback welcome, this is very much a work in progress but I wanted to get some useable resources published ASAP!