Students for High-Impact Charity Interim Report

SHIC has re­leased an In­terim re­port de­tailing our progress through 2016. Read the Ex­ec­u­tive Sum­mary be­low, or view the full re­port here.


SHIC In­terim Re­port: Ex­ec­u­tive Summary

This re­port comes fol­low­ing the close of our first semester of op­er­a­tion, four months af­ter the or­ga­ni­za­tion se­cured tar­get fund­ing to con­tinue test­ing pi­lot pro­grams through to 2017. Since the soft launch in March 2016, we have seen en­courag­ing lev­els of up­take and largely pos­i­tive feed­back about the in­fluence of our pro­gram. While more pi­lot test­ing is nec­es­sary in or­der to make defini­tive judge­ments on SHIC as a whole, we feel that we have gath­ered enough data to guide strate­gic changes to this ex­ceed­ingly novel pro­ject.

SHIC pro­grams have cov­ered sig­nifi­cant ground.

As of De­cem­ber 2016, ap­prox­i­mately 750 stu­dents have par­ti­ci­pated in 1500 pro­gram hours. More than 200 stu­dents have com­pleted the en­tire SHIC pi­lot, and the pro­gram prompted just over $1500 USD to high-im­pact char­ity in its first fundrais­ing cy­cle. An es­ti­mated 50 op­er­a­tions vol­un­teers have put in 3,300 hours of work into bring­ing SHIC to stu­dents wor­ld­wide.

We’re op­ti­mistic about SHIC’s in­fluence.

The ma­jor­ity of qual­i­ta­tive re­sponses and self-re­ported in­terim sur­vey data in­di­cated no­table changes in per­spec­tive and in­tended be­hav­ior among SHIC lead­ers and op­er­a­tions vol­un­teers. This bodes well for our ‘vol­un­teer­ing as out­reach’ strat­egy. Any trends we’ve ob­served, how­ever, are not yet backed to a mean­ingful de­gree of statis­ti­cal sig­nifi­cance. Early data from the be­fore-af­ter par­ti­ci­pant sur­vey are en­courag­ing and provide an added level of quan­ti­ta­tive rigor.

Perfor­mance met­rics re­shaped our out­look.

We achieved our out­reach goals, un­der­es­ti­mated pro­gram ex­po­sure, over­es­ti­mated po­ten­tial fundrais­ing to­tals, stalled on school ac­cred­i­ta­tion, and post­poned plans for rev­enue gen­er­a­tion. The nov­elty of SHIC made for tricky fore­cast­ing, and while we feel the pro­gram out­performed in many ways, miss­ing some of our met­rics war­rants a reeval­u­a­tion.

Our ap­proach has adapted with feed­back.

Quan­ti­ta­tive and qual­i­ta­tive feed­back has in­formed sev­eral strate­gic ad­just­ments. We’re im­ple­ment­ing a more co­her­ent frame­work for vol­un­teer en­gage­ment, re­struc­tur­ing the en­tire cur­ricu­lum de­vel­op­ment pro­cess, and weight­ing di­rect out­reach strate­gies differ­ently than be­fore.

We’re see­ing signs of growth po­ten­tial.

The ap­par­ent de­mand for SHIC wor­ld­wide has been en­courag­ing thus far. SHIC is cur­rently rep­re­sented by stu­dents in more than a dozen coun­tries, and we’ve col­lected sur­vey data that in­di­cates fur­ther de­mand for this pro­gram el­se­where. Roughly half of am­bas­sadors and op­er­a­tions vol­un­teers found out about SHIC through vol­un­teer web­sites un­re­lated to the effec­tive al­tru­ism com­mu­nity, which speaks to the pro­gram’s broad ap­peal.


Read the rest of the re­port here. Feed­back and ques­tions are wel­come! Thanks to the EA com­mu­nity for helping us get this far!