Animal welfare in the United States: Opportunities for impact

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This report is also available on Animal Ask website.

Downloadable pdf version here.


In this report, we give an overview of animal production in the United States. We explore which industries are responsible for the largest amount of animal exploitation in the United States. We touch on all major farmed and wild-caught sectors in the country, before taking a deeper look at egg production and chicken meat production.

Looking at how animal production is clustered by state and county, we point out where there are opportunities for animal advocacy organisations to make the biggest impact on the lives of animals. We also provide an overview of the economic forces that determine how animals are farmed and killed, which can help us to understand whether any given campaign will deliver the impact that we intend.

Lastly, we explore the different routes to changes, showing how different political levers can enable animal advocacy organisations to have a disproportionate impact on the lives of animals.

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