[Question] Why do planet & society settle for donations yet they invest in wealth creation?

It’s 3,000 BC, and Steve Jobs has to build an iPhone. Since Jobs says “we hire smart peo­ple so they can tell us what to do.” He would have to sum­mon fu­ture ge­nius ghosts of Egyp­ti­ans to in­vent the first alpha­bet, wait thou­sands of years for Phoeni­ci­ans, Greek and Ro­mans to im­prove it to what we have to­day. Along the way sum­mon ghosts of In­di­ans and Arabs to de­velop the cur­rent nu­meric sys­tem, wait for the in­ven­tion of pa­per and ink by Egyp­ti­ans and Chi­nese, in­ven­tion of Alge­bra, and calcu­lus by Per­si­ans, Arabs, In­di­ans, and Euro­peans, Ital­i­ans to in­vent elec­tric­ity, Rus­si­ans, and English to in­vent/​im­prove the pe­ri­odic table, Ein­stein to in­vent E=MC2, sev­eral cul­tures to de­velop and perfect min­ing tech­nol­ogy, the Ger­man and to in­vent the first pro­gram­ming lan­guages, the English and Amer­i­cans to in­vent the first com­puter and In­ter­net, and mil­lions of sci­en­tific, so­cial, busi­ness, ad­ver­tis­ing, agri­cul­tural and eco­nomic in­ven­tions in be­tween.

A core fea­ture of this in­finite gold­mine of knowl­edge is that ev­ery new in­ven­tion builds on a pre­vi­ous one from ev­ery­where in the world. It’s prob­a­bly the case that we would still be hunter-gath­er­ers if we didn’t co­op­er­ate on a global scale.

So, com­pared to the time it took to ac­cu­mu­late this knowl­edge, Steve Jobs would have died around 20 days be­fore reach­ing his dream. But within less than 5 years he was able to har­ness the civil­i­sa­tion and knowl­edge that a ‘global so­ciety’ built over 5,000 years to build a billion-dol­lar product and com­pany.

This is the hid­den lit­tle dirty se­cret of our cur­rent knowl­edge econ­omy. Busi­nesses for­get that with­out the 5,000-year gold­mine of knowl­edge gen­er­ated by the global so­ciety, they wouldn’t build to­day’s ad­vanced prod­ucts and ser­vices and cer­tainly wouldn’t be worth billions.

So, for busi­nesses to ap­pro­pri­ate this knowl­edge, gen­er­ate wealth and cen­tral­ise it is to hold so­ciety hostage to the very knowl­edge it helped cre­ate.

A bug in the mar­kets has blinded buy­ers and sel­l­ers into be­liev­ing that the only ac­tor or in­vestor in the value cre­ation pro­cess is the busi­ness or en­trepreneur. Yet there can’t be for ex­am­ple an iPhone, Coke, etc with­out planet, and so­ciety.

That we give busi­nesses wealth in­cen­tives to in­no­vate, gov­ern­ments wealth in­cen­tive to gov­ern, and deny so­ciety wealth in­cen­tives to co­op­er­ate and planet wealth in­cen­tives to sus­tain us is the mother of all in­jus­tices in the world. The cur­rent mon­e­ti­za­tion sys­tem de­liv­ers full own­er­ship and con­trol of wealth to self-in­ter­ested busi­nesses and gov­ern­ments.

Like busi­nesses, gov­ern­ments, planet and so­ciety in­vest in wealth cre­ation, why do they set­tle for dona­tions and aid?

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