[Question] Resources for better understanding aptitudes?

edit: I quickly compiled resources for each aptitude here. I’m pretty confident this is, on average, of mediocre quality so please point me to any higher-quality resources!

I’m adapting GCP’s Career Planning Program and adding a track based on Holden’s aptitudes framework. Part of this includes a list of resources (c.f. GCP’s resources on AI risk). I expect that resources for aptitudes looks different to resources for causes, but that there is a wide variety of useful resources. For example, a resource could help with

I would prefer resources that are not focused on specific career paths (a la 80k), but are more focused on the skill itself. This means I expect some of the best resources might not be related to EA at all.

Does anyone have a list of relevant resources for any of these aptitudes? (Aptitudes in bold are higher priority because it’s harder for me to generate a list of resources)

  • “Organization building, running, and boosting”

  • Political and bureaucratic

  • “Conceptual and empirical research on core longtermist topics”

  • “Communicator”

  • “Entrepreneur”

  • “Community building”

  • Software engineering

  • Information security

  • Academia