[Question] What are the most impactful roles that EAs are currently not entering (and why)?

The EA community has identified a lot of promising career paths. I want to collect a list of high-impact roles which few EAs are entering and potential reasons for why this might be.

Feel free to include:

  • Personal experiences: High-impact careers which you (or people you know) have struggled to enter and things that could have helped you.

  • Movement-wide observations: High-impact careers which you think are neglected by the EA movement at large. (eg. because EAs typically underestimate the impact of these roles, lack specific skills needed, struggle to gain early-stage career capital, etc.)

Answers here could be directly useful for informing Training for Good’s 2022 strategy. However, please do include answers for which you think “training” is probably not the solution as I imagine others (eg. group leaders) might also be interested in this question.

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