[Question] What is the funding situation for AI Safety?

I am in­ter­view­ing as­piring and early carer AIS re­searchers, to bet­ter un­der­stand how to sup­port this group. I only just started so I’m not ready to share any spe­cific con­clu­sions yet. But some of these these prob­lems could defi­antly be solved by money.

So what is the fund­ing situ­a­tion for AIS? Are there donors who are look­ing for more fund­ing op­por­tunists?

What ap­prox­i­mately is the bar for some­thing to get funded?

(I know that Long Term Fu­ture Fund ex­ists, and I have read the Fund Pay­out Re­ports. But is im­pos­si­ble to get a bal­anced view with out also know­ing who get re­jected and why, which is ob­vi­ously not pub­lic in­for­ma­tion.)

If any­one want to dis­cuss this with me pri­vately, you can send me an email (linda.linse­fors@gmail.com) or book a call on my cal­endly.

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