[Question] Help in choosing good charities in specific domains

I’m wondering if you could help me with providing some source or a way to choose some charities to donate to.

I’ve watched Peter Singer’s lecture on effective altruism the other day. I did some thinking and some research. Still, it’s not so easy to find the charities that focus on specific issues I care about and at the same time are measurably effective.

The 3 main areas I’d like to focus at the start are:

1. Increasing access to birth control and contraception.
2. Work on sex education, health education, and general education, mostly for women.
3. Animal welfare.

I already have some potential charities (for 1.) or evaluation websites (for 3.) for some of them.

But I still couldn’t find potential charities for 2.

Also, for 1. I found these charities:

Population Services International. https://​​www.psi.org
Marie Stopes International. https://​​www.mariestopes.org
Guttmacher Institute. https://​​www.guttmacher.org
International Planned Parenthood Federation. https://​​www.ippf.org
Population Matters. https://​​populationmatters.org
Population Action International. https://​​pai.org

From the above, I’ve so far only seen PSI, Maries Stopes International recommended as “best” or at least evaluated and. Do you know of any good charities that would fit this domain that have been evaluated?

Also, I couldn’t find evaluated charities from the second topic (education, mostly for women). Do you know of any?

My lack of knowledge stems mostly from my being new to the topic, probably. But if you could give any pointers, I would be very much grateful.