Inviting EA forecasters to AI forecasting platform

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Me (Ja­cob Lager­ros) and Ben Gold­haber re­ceived fund­ing from the Berkeley Ex­is­ten­tial Risk Ini­ti­a­tive to work on us­ing fore­cast­ing to sup­port bet­ter de­ci­sion-mak­ing on x-risk.

As a first step, we’re cur­rently invit­ing beta users to an AI fore­cast­ing plat­form, which aims to sup­port the de­ci­sion-mak­ing of AI safety/​policy or­gani­sa­tions.

The plat­form is live, and has users in­clud­ing su­perfore­cast­ers and re­searchers from OpenAI, UC Berkeley and more.

We award biweekly prizes of $400 and $200 to top com­menters, and run biweekly on­line work­shops to col­lab­o­rate on im­prove our mod­els and fore­cast­ing perfor­mance.

We’re look­ing for EAs with a strong track-record of fore­cast­ing (in gen­eral, not just for AI), or of think­ing about AI progress in a quan­ti­ta­tive man­ner.

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