[Link] Progress Studies (Jasmine Wang)

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Progress, as defined by Tyler Cowen and Pa­trick Col­li­son, as “the com­bi­na­tion of eco­nomic, tech­nolog­i­cal, sci­en­tific, cul­tural, and or­ga­ni­za­tional ad­vance­ment that has trans­formed our lives and raised stan­dards of liv­ing over the past cou­ple of cen­turies”.
Progress is ‘pre-paradig­matic’; for re­searchers to con­duct ‘nor­mal re­search’, a re­search agenda must be set. This is a first at­tempt at think­ing about the rele­vant liter­a­ture to in­herit from in think­ing about sci­en­tific and tech­nolog­i­cal progress. Be­sides agenda-set­ting, progress stud­ies re­quires a set of ac­cepted tools, meth­ods, and pro­ce­dures, which is be­yond the scope of this doc­u­ment.
This is a liv­ing rough draft; it cur­rently rep­re­sents a very par­tic­u­lar view of the world, and I’d love for it to be shored up as a ful­ler cur­ricu­lum, pos­si­bly un­der differ­ent or­ga­niz­ing tax­onomies. The vi­sion is for this doc­u­ment to evolve into a wiki of ‘poin­t­ers’ point­ing to oth­ers’ work on these top­ics, start­ing with more thor­ough liter­a­ture re­views on spe­cific ques­tions.