Sentientism: Improving the human epistemology and ethics baseline

Humanism commits to evidence and reason (naturalism) and grants moral consideration to all humans (anthropocentrism).

Sentientism retains that naturalistic stance but goes a step further on moral conisderation—granting it to all sentient beings (most animals and potentially sentient AIs /​ aliens).

As such—Sentientism seems to have much in common with Effective Altruism: evidence, reason and a sentiocentric scope of moral consideration.

I’m very interested in feedback on this philosophy and whether promoting it might be a useful EA initiative.

We’ve built and run a YouTube, Podcast and a variety of global communities. I’ve had articles published in Sentient Media, Free Inquiry, Open Global Rights, The Humanist, Greeneralia and Areo magazines and been interviewed for a range of podcasts.

Our biggest online community so far is here on FaceBook. All are welcome, whether or not the term Sentientism fits personally. We have people from 90+ countries there so far. EAs, philosophers, activists, policy people, writers, but mostly interested lay-people like me.