Outreaching Effective Altruism Locally – Resources and Guides

Do you want to start an EA group in your lo­cal area or Univer­sity, or want to grow the effec­tive al­tru­ism group that already ex­ists? Do you want to give a talk about effec­tive al­tru­ism at your church or club or get in­volved in any other sort of lo­cal out­reach? If so that’s great! Grow­ing the EA move­ment is po­ten­tially one of the most high im­pact things that you can do with your spare time and shar­ing EA ideas with those around you can be effec­tive and fun.

There are a huge amount of re­sources to help with out­reach and in this post I have tried to col­lect all of them that I know. En­joy.


Here are the re­sources I find the most use­ful.

Get­ting started. The first re­source I’d recom­mend is this Guide to start­ing and run­ning a lo­cal EA group .

This guide for fur­ther grow­ing a group might also be use­ful

If that is not enough then var­i­ous EA or­gani­sa­tions have spe­cific guides to start­ing up and run­ning groups. Here are the links for the guides forTHINK (this is my sec­ond favourite guide),Giv­ing What We Can (GWWC),The Life You Can Save (TLYCS) (short and sweet),TLYCS − 2 (long ver­sion) and Less Wrong.

Events. For tips and ideas for run­ning events see:
GWWC’s event Guide – An in depth guide to run­ning an event and speci­fics about run­ning differ­ent types of events, es­pe­cially talks and dis­cus­sions.
[Guide] Tabling, ac­tivism, dis­cus­sions, work­shops & quizzes – Lots of ex­am­ples and ideas for differ­ent types of events that you could run (ev­ery­thing other than talks) and how to run them.
the­high­im­pact­net­work.org – Some pre-pack­aged events.

If you are look­ing for in­spira­tion for what your groups should do then per­haps have a read of this doc­u­ment where oth­ers have shared how their EA groups are run.


Over the years, effec­tive al­tru­ist groups have de­vel­oped vol­umes of fur­ther re­sources for com­mu­nity build­ing. It is not always easy to find what you want (and to be hon­est as some­one who runs a lo­cal group I rarely look at much of this) but it can prove use­ful. The stuff I know about is:

GWWC’s old re­sources. There is also a vast host of use­ful old GWWC re­sources such as old talks (and not finished talks), power point pre­sen­ta­tions, leaflets, use­ful facts, use­ful images and so on. Th­ese re­sources all have a global poverty fo­cus. Th­ese can be found spread across the fol­low­ing lo­ca­tions:
- GWWC Shared—Com­mu­ni­ca­tion—Events
- GWWC Shared Drop­box
- GWWC Chap­ters Drop­box

Guides to spe­cific top­ics. On top of that GWWC and TLYCS and THINK all have pub­lic fold­ers that con­tain var­i­ous short guides on spe­cific top­ics. For ex­am­ple there are use­ful guides on us­ing so­cial me­dia to start and grow a chap­ter,book and film list,run­ning a giv­ing game,per­sua­sive speak­ing,at­tract­ing speak­ers, sug­gested speak­ers, event ideas, grow­ing a chap­ter, and much much more. Those pro­duced by GWWC and TLYCS all have a global poverty fo­cus. Guides pro­duced by THINK have a gen­eral EA fo­cus and are speci­fi­cally tar­geted for stu­dent groups. Th­ese fold­ers can be found at:
- GWWC Chap­ter Re­sources
- GWWC Chap­ter Work­shop Re­sources
- [TLYCS] Stu­dent Groups
- The Life You Can Save: Public Re­sources
- THINK Shared

Stay in touch.
If you have any ques­tions good places to ask other peo­ple are:
- GWWC Chap­ters face­book page
- EA Stu­dent lead­ers Google group


I am sure this list is not com­plete. Feel free to com­ment be­low if you know of any other re­sources that peo­ple may find helpful.

Also you may no­tice that some of this is slightly di­s­or­ganised and per­haps you will pick up on a typo or bro­ken link. If you have the time to sort through, or­ganise or im­prove any of these re­sources then please do. Just get in touch with me or with who­ever owns the rele­vant folder and offer to help.