[Question] Should altruistic health be at the forefront of our society?

I’m not sure how to phrase this question without sound like health is always

the most important thing that should be prioritised as I’m suspecting

that there are instances where health (at least in the short-term) need to

be sacrificed for some other value. I must also confess that I’m quite biased in

asking this question since I value health greatly in my own life and see

how much my own life has improved from doing so. I would also like to add

that by health I mean the health of all beings and also the planet as a whole

(maybe we can call it “universal health” or “altruistic health”?) I’m

imagining how a society that truly values “altruistic health” and the policys,

commercial incentives, education system,

who we would deem famous and cultural norms that would be in place in such

a society. What problems does this type of society face, techonologically, culturally, economically? For example, is it possible to have both health and economic growth? Would we still have growth in this type of society, albeit perhaps a slower one in the short-term/​long-term?

Let me know what you think and if there’s anything you’d want me to expand upon I’d

be happy to do so! Excited to hear your take on this!

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