[Question] Impactful career as a lawyer specialized in Green Building Standards?

I am helping someone who is an experienced lawyer working in real estate towards an impactful career. She would ideally work on Green Building Standards: Contributing to the development and enforcement of green building standards (e.g., LEED, BREEAM), making buildings more sustainable. It is not neglected, and not very EA-adjacent, but here are the leads I thought about:

  • Typical career-change programs such as High Impact Professionals, as well as the Fellowship of the Moral Ambition School destined to experienced professionals

  • Charter cities: real estate and impact immediately made me think of charter cities as she could bring her expertise there.

  • She wants responsibilities and leadership: I thought about some Program Manager roles using strategic abilities.

  • Government units designing sustainable standards of construction (although the impact of these units is not proven)

Any other thoughts? I have no troubles identifying useful skills but it’s a bit more difficult to find a position where previous background knowledge is not lost.