Cli­mate change

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Climate change—in the context of an EA cause area—refers to large-scale shifts in weather patterns that result from emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane largely from fossil fuel consumption. Climate change has the potential to result in—and to some extent is already resulting in—increased natural disasters, increased food and water insecurity, and widespread species extinction and habitat loss.


Ackva, Johannes & John Halstead (2020) Climate change executive summary, Founders Pledge, October 6.

Wiblin, Robert (2021) Kelly Wanser on whether to deliberately intervene in the climate, 80,000 Hours, March 26.

Wiblin, Robert & Arden Koehler (2020) Mark Lynas on climate change, societal collapse & nuclear energy, 80,000 Hours, August 20.

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alexrjl20 Jan 2021 22:59 UTC
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[up­dated] Global de­vel­op­ment in­ter­ven­tions are gen­er­ally more effec­tive than cli­mate change interventions

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Cli­mate change dona­tion recommendations

Sanjay16 Jul 2020 21:17 UTC
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How does Ama­zon de­foresta­tion ac­tu­ally work? It’s not about soy.

Ramiro26 Jan 2021 3:06 UTC
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Assess­ing Cli­mate Change’s Con­tri­bu­tion to Global Catas­trophic Risk

HaydnBelfield19 Feb 2021 16:26 UTC
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An ar­gu­ment that EA should fo­cus more on cli­mate change

Ann Garth8 Dec 2020 2:48 UTC
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Jo­hannes Ackva: Our lat­est re­search and recom­men­da­tions on cli­mate change

EA Global21 Nov 2020 8:12 UTC
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[Linkpost] Up­dates on the FP Cli­mate Fund

jackva30 May 2021 17:16 UTC
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Pangea: The Worst of Times

Halstead5 Apr 2020 15:13 UTC
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Founders Pledge Cli­mate & Lifestyle Report

jackva11 Feb 2020 9:57 UTC
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8 things I be­lieve about cli­mate change

Linch28 Dec 2019 3:02 UTC
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Psy­chol­ogy and Cli­mate Change: An Overview

Aron_Vallinder27 Sep 2019 6:02 UTC
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Stripe’s first nega­tive emis­sions purchases

Aaron Gertler16 Jul 2020 1:13 UTC
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A port­fo­lio ap­proach to­wards effec­tive en­vi­ron­men­tal­ism?

Bede27 Jul 2020 8:48 UTC
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[Question] What are the “PlayPumps” of Cli­mate Change?

BrianTan5 Dec 2020 15:03 UTC
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Some global catas­trophic risk estimates

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Crowd­fund­ing for Effec­tive Cli­mate Policy

HaukeHillebrandt25 May 2019 18:17 UTC
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The case for de­lay­ing so­lar geo­eng­ineer­ing research

Halstead23 Mar 2019 15:26 UTC
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Ex­tin­guish­ing or pre­vent­ing coal seam fires is a po­ten­tial cause area

kbog7 Jul 2019 18:42 UTC
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In­ter­ac­tive Graph of Cli­mate Change In­ter­ven­tion Effects + Reflections

lifelonglearner14 May 2020 18:47 UTC
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The cli­mate change policy with the most po­ten­tial is the most neglected

Henry_Stanley12 Jul 2019 17:19 UTC
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Up­dated Cli­mate Change Prob­lem Profile

mchr3k7 Oct 2019 15:47 UTC
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[Notes] Could cli­mate change make Earth un­in­hab­it­able for hu­mans?

Louis_Dixon14 Jan 2020 22:13 UTC
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Fu­ture deaths due to cli­mate change

parncutt23 Jul 2020 15:31 UTC
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Effec­tive Altru­ism and Free Riding

sbehmer27 Mar 2020 19:12 UTC
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New study in Science im­plies that tree plant­ing is the cheap­est cli­mate change solution

SebK4 Jul 2019 20:13 UTC
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[Question] Will ‘Team Trees’ be Effec­tive?

ciano_9431 Oct 2019 5:00 UTC
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[Linkpost] The En­vi­ron­ment as an Obstacle

Ramiro31 Aug 2020 17:15 UTC
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Here’s what Should be Pri­ori­tized as the Main Threat of AI

APAP1210 Sep 2020 16:22 UTC
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Jo­hannes Ackva: An up­date to our think­ing on cli­mate change

EA Global15 Sep 2020 13:44 UTC
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Five New EA Char­i­ties with High Po­ten­tial for Impact

Joey14 Oct 2020 12:15 UTC
132 points
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[Question] If some­one iden­ti­fies as a longter­mist, should they donate to Founders Pledge’s top cli­mate char­i­ties than to GiveWell’s top char­i­ties?

BrianTan26 Nov 2020 7:54 UTC
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Clean tech­nol­ogy in­no­va­tion as the most cost-effec­tive cli­mate action

Stijn6 Dec 2020 20:06 UTC
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Why I’m Donat­ing to Giv­ing Green This Year

sindirella15 Dec 2020 22:10 UTC
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R. Daniel Bressler: Cli­mate change deaths in­crease the so­cial cost of carbon

EA Global13 Jan 2021 20:35 UTC
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Rank­ing an­i­mal foods based on suffer­ing and GHG emissions

VilleSokk20 Jan 2021 20:21 UTC
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[Question] Is there any ev­i­dence that peo­ple who re­cy­cle also ad­vo­cate for in­sti­tu­tional policy changes to com­bat man-made cli­mate change?

jbosc22 Jan 2021 8:14 UTC
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[Notes] Steven Pinker and Yu­val Noah Harari in conversation

Louis_Dixon9 Feb 2020 12:49 UTC
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Re-Launch­ing Giv­ing Green: an EA-run or­ga­ni­za­tion di­rect­ing dol­lars to­wards im­pact­ful work in cli­mate change

Dan Stein17 Nov 2020 19:06 UTC
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An­i­mal agri­cul­ture and cli­mate change

EA Forum Archives2 May 2019 5:00 UTC
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Ryan Phe­lan: Biol­ogy and tech­nol­ogy I

EA Global28 Aug 2015 8:37 UTC
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New Job: Man­ager at Giv­ing Green

Dan Stein17 May 2021 4:24 UTC
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[Pod­cast] Suggest a ques­tion for Ar­mond Co­hen of CATF

luca20 May 2021 11:26 UTC
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World En­vi­ron­ment Day: How big are the risks from cli­mate change and how can we effec­tively miti­gate these risks?

lukefreeman1 Jun 2021 5:17 UTC
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[Question] Cli­mate change ques­tions for Jo­hannes Ackva and John Halstead

lukefreeman4 Jun 2021 1:41 UTC
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Effec­tive En­vi­ron­men­tal­ism Com­mu­nity Updates

vaidehi_agarwalla29 Mar 2020 20:41 UTC
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Cli­mate Change Is Ne­glected By EA

mchr3k23 May 2020 19:16 UTC
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Ap­ply­ing EA to cli­mate change

tsloane17 Nov 2019 8:42 UTC
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Re­view of Cli­mate Cost-Effec­tive­ness Analyses

mchr3k20 Oct 2019 20:39 UTC
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Cli­mate change, geo­eng­ineer­ing, and ex­is­ten­tial risk

Halstead20 Mar 2018 10:48 UTC
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[Notes] Cli­mate Shock by Wag­ner and Weitzman

Louis_Dixon13 Apr 2020 9:41 UTC
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Tak­ing ad­van­tage of cli­mate change con­cerns to chan­nel dona­tions to EA-recom­mended or­ga­ni­za­tions at low marginal cost (pro­posal and call for more re­search)

ianps19 Dec 2019 14:06 UTC
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Cli­mate Change Is, In Gen­eral, Not An Ex­is­ten­tial Risk

ozymandias11 Jan 2019 22:28 UTC
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[Question] Cli­mate dis­count­ing: How do you value one tonne of CO2eq averted to­day ver­sus (say) 30 years from now?

Sanjay12 Feb 2020 16:41 UTC
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Niel Bow­er­man: Could cli­mate change make Earth un­in­hab­it­able for hu­mans?

EA Global17 Jan 2020 1:07 UTC
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New re­search on effec­tive cli­mate charities

Halstead11 Jul 2018 13:51 UTC
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A cor­rected model sug­gests cli­mate change in­ter­ven­tions may be within a fac­tor of two of di­rect cash transfers

cole_haus26 Nov 2019 0:19 UTC
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How Many Peo­ple Will Cli­mate Change Kill? [Video]

DannyBressler19 Jul 2019 20:11 UTC
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Effec­tive Altru­ism, En­vi­ron­men­tal­ism, and Cli­mate Change: An Introduction

Evan_Gaensbauer10 Mar 2016 11:49 UTC
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Start­ing a con­ver­sa­tion about Effec­tive Environmentalism

Chriswaterguy8 Aug 2016 1:44 UTC
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[Question] Which spe­cial­iza­tion has a larger im­pact? En­vi­ron­men­tal Policy or En­vi­ron­men­tal Eco­nomics?

qjtva23 Jul 2019 21:38 UTC
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Cen­tre for the Study of Ex­is­ten­tial Risk Six Month Re­port April—Septem­ber 2019

HaydnBelfield30 Sep 2019 19:20 UTC
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Cen­tre for the Study of Ex­is­ten­tial Risk Four Month Re­port Oc­to­ber 2019 - Jan­uary 2020

HaydnBelfield8 Apr 2020 13:28 UTC
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[Question] Sus­tain­abil­ity Fund

El-Nino920 Jul 2020 7:52 UTC
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[Question] Put­ting Peo­ple First in a Cul­ture of De­hu­man­iza­tion

jhealy22 Jul 2020 3:31 UTC
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Covid offsets and car­bon offsets

Louis_Dixon23 Jul 2020 21:19 UTC
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[Linkpost] Global death rate from ris­ing tem­per­a­tures to ex­ceed all in­fec­tious dis­eases com­bined in 2100

Louis_Dixon15 Aug 2020 17:04 UTC
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Paris-com­pli­ant offsets—a high lev­er­age cli­mate in­ter­ven­tion?

Louis_Dixon5 Oct 2020 16:55 UTC
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4 Years Later: Pres­i­dent Trump and Global Catas­trophic Risk

HaydnBelfield25 Oct 2020 16:28 UTC
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[Question] Ge­or­gia on my Mind: Effec­tively Flip­ping the Senate

deluks9178 Nov 2020 7:24 UTC
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How hot will it get?

Halstead18 Apr 2020 20:29 UTC
65 points
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The Map of Global Warm­ing Prevention

turchin11 Aug 2016 20:03 UTC
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Causal Net­work Model IV: Cli­mate Catas­tro­phe

Alex_Barry3 Dec 2017 16:00 UTC
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Clean cook­stoves may be com­pet­i­tive with GiveWell-recom­mended charities

Sanjay10 Feb 2020 18:00 UTC
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New Re­port Claiming Un­der­state­ment of Ex­is­ten­tial Cli­mate Risk

Risto_Uuk9 Jun 2019 16:47 UTC
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[Link] Up­dated Draw­down now available, incl. 2020 Review

SebK7 Mar 2020 13:01 UTC
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Up­date on CATF’s plans for 2020

Sanjay24 Dec 2019 9:21 UTC
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Does us­ing the mor­tal­ity cost of car­bon make re­duc­ing emis­sions com­pa­rable with health in­ter­ven­tions?

Louis_Dixon21 Sep 2020 19:47 UTC
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The ex­treme cost-effec­tive­ness of cell-based meat R&D

Stijn10 Aug 2020 14:00 UTC
32 points
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Cen­tre for the Study of Ex­is­ten­tial Risk Four Month Re­port June—Septem­ber 2020

HaydnBelfield2 Dec 2020 18:33 UTC
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[Pod­cast] Si­mon Beard on Parfit, Cli­mate Change, and Ex­is­ten­tial Risk

finm28 Jan 2021 19:47 UTC
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Nega­tive screen­ing and su­per­vis­ing en­vi­ron­men­tal li­a­bil­ities un­der IAS 37

Ramiro24 Mar 2021 14:25 UTC
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How we averted 130,000 an­i­mal deaths (in ex­pec­ta­tion) with a vol­un­teer cam­paign.

JamesOz5 Apr 2021 7:50 UTC
43 points
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[Question] What should EAs in­ter­ested in cli­mate change do?

Louis_Dixon10 Jan 2020 17:34 UTC
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Effec­tive Altru­ism Is Ex­plor­ing Cli­mate Change Ac­tion, and You Can Be Part of It

Evan_Gaensbauer22 Apr 2016 16:39 UTC
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How much at­ten­tion does cli­mate change war­rant? A Con­ver­sa­tion with Cli­mate Scien­tist and En­ergy Tech­nol­ogy and Public Policy Ex­pert David Keith

Ales_Flidr10 Dec 2014 20:38 UTC
9 points
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Kotlikoff et al., ‘Mak­ing Car­bon Tax­a­tion a Gen­er­a­tional Win Win’

Matt_Lerner24 Nov 2019 16:27 UTC
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[Question] How ur­gent are ex­treme cli­mate change risks?

nonzerosum1 Aug 2019 1:32 UTC
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Car­bon Offsets as an Non-Altru­is­tic Expense

Davidmanheim3 Dec 2019 11:38 UTC
21 points
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[Question] Has any­one done any work on how donat­ing to lab grown meat re­search (https://​new-har­​) might com­pare to Giv­ing Green’s recom­men­da­tions for fight­ing cli­mate change?

freedomandutility28 Apr 2021 12:02 UTC
5 points
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De­fus­ing the miti­ga­tion ob­struc­tion ar­gu­ment against geo­eng­ineer­ing and car­bon diox­ide removal

kbog29 Apr 2021 3:20 UTC
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[Link] Mo­ral In­ter­lude from “The Wizard and the Prophet”

Milan_Griffes27 Sep 2019 18:42 UTC
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Kris­tian Rönn: Global challenges

EA Global11 Aug 2017 8:19 UTC
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Causal Net­work Model III: Findings

Alex_Barry22 Nov 2017 15:43 UTC
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Event-driven mis­sion hedg­ing and the 2020 US election

jh14 Jun 2021 15:06 UTC
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