A bill to prevent AI from hiring people instead of human enployers in NY

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It’s not a post, it’s a proposed bill for the state of New York, which, in summary, (Please note that I didn’t read the whole thing, as I feel I would give up halfway through. The summary provided comes from GPT-3.5)

The proposed law prohibits employers from using electronic monitoring tools to surveil employees unless it is for specific allowable purposes, such as job functions, compliance, or worker health and safety.

  • Employers must provide clear and conspicuous notice to employees about electronic monitoring, including its purpose, data collected, and retention policy.

  • Employers are prohibited from selling or disclosing employee data collected through electronic monitoring and must destroy it once the initial purpose has been satisfied or the worker’s relationship with the employer ends.

  • The law prohibits the use of electronic monitoring to violate labor or employment laws, harm employee health and safety, or infringe on privacy rights.

  • It also prohibits the use of automated employment decision tools in a manner that violates labor laws or intensifies work conditions, and prohibits reliance solely on these tools for hiring, promotion, termination, or compensation decisions.

  • Employers must conduct their own assessments and provide notice of the specific decision and data used when relying on automated employment decision tools.

  • Violations of the law may result in civil penalties, and employees retain their right to bring civil actions for violations.