[Link] Vox Article on Engineered Pathogens/​ Global Catastrophic Biorisks

Here is a new ar­ti­cle I wrote with Chris Bak­er­lee for Vox’s Fu­ture Perfect on en­g­ineered pathogens and global catas­trophic biorisks. We make the case for why this is a par­tic­u­larly im­por­tant challenge, why it has so far been mostly ne­glected and poorly dealt with, and we dis­cuss some steps we can take to re­duce the risk. It might be use­ful for EAs in­ter­ested in pan­demic risk and risks from biotech­nol­ogy as well as those in­ter­ested in global catas­trophic risks broadly. https://​​www.vox.com/​​fu­ture-perfect/​​2018/​​12/​​6/​​18127430/​​su­per­bugs-biotech-pathogens-biolog­i­cal-war­fare-pandemic