[Question] Seeking Math + Programming Accelerated Learning Advice

Hello all,

My goal is to learn some basic math + programming skills as quickly as possible, so that I can read research papers without being tripped up by the math, and because they are by far my weakest skill area at the moment and feel like a bottleneck for me. My plan is to spend 15-25 hours a week on this for the next five months and experiment with what works best.

My background:

  • Have not taken a math class since completing Calculus.

  • 1 year of intro CS classes only covering C++

These are my current ideas on what I should learn:

  • Programming

    • Python

    • Data Structures + Algorithms

    • Machine Learning

  • Math

    • Statistics /​ Probability

    • Linear Algebra

    • Multivariable Calculus

My hypothesis on what would work fastest is to hire a tutor for each of these topics from Bountied Rationality and work through the most highly recommended textbook on each topic (I suspect this would work better for math than for programming). Other than that, the options I’m currently aware of for learning are taking lectures from Coursera, Codecademy, and various coding BootCamps.

My Current Questions:

  • What textbooks would you recommend for these topics? (Right now my list is only “Linear Algebra Done Right”)

  • What other ideas do folks have for learning these topics that I can experiment with?

  • What other topics might I be overlooking?

  • What other feedback might you have for me?

Thank you so much!