Apply Now: EAGxVirtual (17-19 November)

Applications are now open for EAGxVirtual, happening on November 17-19, 2023.

We are hoping to see many participants from around the world, particularly those who have not been able to attend in-person events. This will probably be the most accessible EA conference in years – we encourage anyone with a genuine interest in EA to apply!

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Our conference theme is Taking Action Anywhere in the World

EA is not only about identifying the best ways to do good. Most importantly, it’s about taking action based on those findings. Your EA journey may differ based on geographical location, career stage, cause preferences, and other factors. But you don’t need to be on this journey alone.

Our main goal is to help attendees identify the next steps to act based on EA principles wherever they are in the world. With EAGxVirtual, we aim to provide action-oriented content that will be relevant not only to people from Western countries. We want to give a voice to many stories of impact and explore how people from very different cultural and economical backgrounds can find their unique ways to be effective altruists.

You can expect a wide range of talks, office hours, and workshops across EA cause areas. We have also planned an extensive ambassador program connecting attendees to more experienced community members.

Who is this event for?

We welcome all who have a genuine interest in learning more or connecting, including those who are new to effective altruism. Unlike most other EAGx conferences, we don’t require previous engagement with EA and intend to approve the majority of applications. This is as close to the proposals of Open EA Global as we can get. However, we still encourage you to be thoughtful about your application as this will help you get the most out of the conference as well as help us understand our audience better.

Reasons to attend

  1. Build a better understanding of the EA landscape and identify relevant opportunities to take action

  2. Give and receive feedback on career, study, or donation plans, or on your EA projects

  3. Make new connections and reconnect with old contacts

  4. Discover and discuss interesting and important ideas

What do previous event attendees say?

EA PH members attending EAGxVirtual 2022

“At EAGxVirtual, the geographic diversity struck me as being very good and substantially better than what I recall from in-person EAG events. At one point, I had a great conversation with people from Moscow, Australia, India, Tanzania, & a student in Costa Rica. It’s hard to do that at an in-person conference.”

Seth Baum

“I met one person who had learned about EA just earlier that month and hadn’t engaged beyond reading a few articles, while also sitting down to talk to people experienced and incredibly active in the space like Michael Aird.”

Tristan Williams

“ok just logged into swapcard for @EAGxVirtual and. I. Love. It. if every conference had swapcard and gathertown i would go to approximately 10000% more conferences.”

Emily Thai

More reflections from the last year are available here.

If you are a highly-engaged EA member, your involvement can make a difference

If you are a highly-engaged EA you can make a difference by showing up, providing feedback to those relatively new to the community, and helping them navigate the conference.

Virtual conferences are accessible to people who live outside of major EA hubs, and to people who – for whatever reason – cannot travel easily (financially, work-related, health, family, etc.). Those people often have fewer connections and opportunities. Supporting them is crucial for a vibrant global community. Please make it clear on your Swapcard profile what it is you can help people with, encourage first-time attendees to reach out to you (or even reach out first), and be generous.

How much are the tickets?

EAGxVirtual is free.


We will publish more detailed information on the agenda, speakers, and content in the upcoming month.

Help us spread the word

If you know someone who would enjoy either event, please invite them to apply.

The deadline for applications is 11:59 pm UTC on Thursday, 16 November.

Apply now

We look forward to receiving your application!

EAGxVirtual 2023 Team

Sasha Berezhnoi, Event Lead

Dion Tan, Content Lead

Amine Challouf, Stewardship Lead

Nguyen Tran, Volunteers Lead

Zian Bonoan, Communications and Marketing Lead