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Welcome to our September Newsletter!

Thank you for being a part of our growing community.

Every month, our community grows and it warms our hearts. Since the 1st of September, we’ve had 186 people take a new pledge with us and over 4000 people make a donation!

When someone takes a pledge with us, they are asked to write down what motivated them to pledge, and we wanted to share a few of our favourites from September:

  • “… because I want to help other people and improve the quality of life on earth.”

  • “I consider it every able person’s duty to do what they can to leave the world a better place for all.”

  • “I want to dedicate my life to promoting the happiness and well-being of other beings.”

  • “My main motivation in life is to minimize suffering. It is the value I hold the highest.”

  • “I want to do more good, and I know I can.”

Knowing that there are thousands of people who are taking lifelong action to help others, especially those they will never meet, is a wonderful thing.

Get us to talk at your workplace or community group!

Many people start thinking about how to give back towards the end of the year. If you’d like us to host a talk or workshop at your workplace or with your community group about effective giving over the coming months, please fill in this form! We are excited to share the ideas of effective giving with new people and have found talks and workshops to be impactful.

There’s lots of interesting news, content from Giving What We Can and events to attend in the rest of our newsletter down below!

Until next time, keep doing good!

-Grace Adams & the rest of the Giving What We Can team

Many of our Giving What We Can Pledge members have received their Pledge Pins and have been wearing them out and about. Here’s one of our early members José Oliveira wearing his pin!

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This month, join us for a discussion on our co-founder Will MacAskill’s new book, What We Owe The Future. Bring your questions and thoughts on the book and chat with other community members.



Open Forum

Our open forum is an event where you can come along with questions about effective giving and/​or to meet others interested in effective giving. This event alternates between Europe/​Asia and Americas/​Oceania each month.

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New content from Giving What We Can




News & Updates

Effective altruism community

Evaluators, grantmakers and incubators

Cause areas

Animal welfare

  • Good Food Institute has published a mid-year impact report.

  • Faunalytics has published the third report (focusing on barriers and supports for new vegans/​vegetarians) in its longitudinal study.

  • Wild Animal Initiative has issued a grant to a project that will use thermal imaging to study the relationship of body temperature to stress signals and energy reserves in young birds.

  • The Humane League reports on significant corporate cage-free progress:

    • After a worldwide Open Wing Alliance campaign, Toridoll Holdings Corporation released a “first of its kind” global cage-free commitment, which the Humane League reports will “directly improve the lives of 40,000 egg-laying hens by the end of 2023 in Japan alone.”

    • In response to consumer pressure, BJ’s Wholesale Club has renewed its commitment to go cage-free.

Global health and development

Long-term future

  • The Socialist Case for Longtermism: In an article for Jacobin magazine, Garrison Lovely explains why he sees longtermism as “perfectly compatible with a socialist worldview.”

  • Clean Air Task Force has released a newly updated report showing that 14 million people are at increased risk of cancer due to toxic oil and gas emissions in the U.S. CATF also discusses concrete mitigation measures it believes the EPA should enact.

  • Clean Air Task Force reports on a new global steel standard which it believes will help decarbonise the industry.

  • Terra Praxis has announced a collaboration with Microsoft that will aim to “decarbonise coal facilities with nuclear power,” “repurposing over 2,400 coal-fired power plants worldwide to run on carbon-free energy.”

  • The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security is accepting applications for its Health Security track PhD program (2023-2024 academic year). Full funding is available.

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