Law-Following AI

This Sequence of posts will argue that working to ensure that AI systems follow laws is a worthwhile way to improve the long-term future of AI. Additional relevant posts are also linked at the end of the Sequence.

The posts in this Sequence are by me in my personal capacity, and are not representative of OpenAI or any other organization.

Cover art by OpenAI’s DALL•E.

Law-Fol­low­ing AI 1: Se­quence In­tro­duc­tion and Structure

Law-Fol­low­ing AI 2: In­tent Align­ment + Su­per­in­tel­li­gence → Lawless AI (By De­fault)

Law-Fol­low­ing AI 3: Lawless AI Agents Un­der­mine Sta­bi­liz­ing Agreements

Law-Fol­low­ing AI 4: Don’t Rely on Vi­car­i­ous Liability

Pile of Law and Law-Fol­low­ing AI

[Question] What are the challenges and prob­lems with pro­gram­ming law-break­ing con­straints into AGI?

Align­ing AI with Hu­mans by Lev­er­ag­ing Le­gal Informatics