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Stanford—A.I. research.

Founder of an A.I. technology company, Brooklyn Artificial Intelligence Research (Skopos Labs, Inc.), which owns the investment management firm, Brooklyn Investment Group (https://​​

Conducted research funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation and the U.S. Office of Naval Research. Created first A.I. course at the NYU School of Law. Published research on A.I., finance, law, policy, economics, and climate change. Publications at http://​​, and Twitter at https://​​​​johnjnay.

Large Lan­guage Models as Fi­du­cia­ries to Humans

johnjnay24 Jan 2023 19:53 UTC
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Large Lan­guage Models as Cor­po­rate Lob­by­ists, and Im­pli­ca­tions for So­cietal-AI Alignment

johnjnay4 Jan 2023 22:22 UTC
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In­tent al­ign­ment should not be the goal for AGI x-risk reduction

johnjnay26 Oct 2022 1:24 UTC
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AGI mis­al­ign­ment x-risk may be lower due to an over­looked goal speci­fi­ca­tion technology

johnjnay21 Oct 2022 2:03 UTC
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Cli­mate-con­tin­gent Fi­nance, and A Gen­er­al­ized Mechanism for X-Risk Re­duc­tion Financing

johnjnay26 Sep 2022 13:23 UTC
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Align­ing AI with Hu­mans by Lev­er­ag­ing Le­gal Informatics

johnjnay18 Sep 2022 7:43 UTC
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