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The Philippines tag is mainly for posts on one or more of the following topics relevant to the Philippines:

  1. The EA community in the Philippines, known as EA Philippines

  2. Causes/​issues in the Philippines that could be important to work on or donate to for the global EA community or the EA Philippines community

  3. Career or donation advice tailored for Filipinos or people from the Philippines

  4. How the Philippines is relevant to one or more priority issues/​causes of the EA community

Prob­lem Pro­file of Men­tal Health in the Philippines

rikaela8 Feb 2021 4:29 UTC
11 points
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Feed­back Re­quest on EA Philip­pines’ Ca­reer Ad­vice Re­search for Tech­ni­cal AI Safety

BrianTan3 Oct 2020 10:39 UTC
18 points
5 comments4 min readEA link

[Feed­back Re­quest] Prob­lem Pro­file of Men­tal Health in the Philippines

rikaela20 Dec 2020 8:04 UTC
33 points
3 comments1 min readEA link

EA Philip­pines’ Strong Progress and Learn­ings in 2019

BrianTan4 Feb 2020 13:37 UTC
80 points
7 comments14 min readEA link

Effec­tive Altru­ism Philippines

Jeffrey30 Nov 2018 9:33 UTC
19 points
7 commentsEA link

[Feed­back Re­quest] EA Philip­pines’ Lo­cal Char­ity Effec­tive­ness Re­search and Ten­ta­tive List of Recom­mended Charities

onenastassja1 Dec 2020 8:46 UTC
24 points
2 comments4 min readEA link

EA Philip­pines 2020 Com­mu­nity & Im­pact Sur­vey Report

BrianTan27 Jan 2021 6:06 UTC
15 points
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EA Philip­pines 2020 An­nual Report

BrianTan27 Jan 2021 7:52 UTC
22 points
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How EA Philip­pines got a Com­mu­nity Build­ing Grant, and how I de­cided to leave my job to do EA-al­igned work full-time

BrianTan27 Jan 2021 5:57 UTC
30 points
8 comments10 min readEA link

Nas­tassja Qui­jano: En­gag­ing effec­tively with gov­ern­ments — a Philip­pine experience

EA Global21 Nov 2020 8:12 UTC
10 points
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